The Benefits of Having an SUV in the Winter

The Benefits of Having an SUV in the Winter

With less daylight, low temperatures, and an overall post-festive season mood, many would agree that the winter months can be the worst months of the year. Winter is that time of the year when the weather causes the most disruptions, especially for motorists. Undoubtedly some vehicles are better suited for winter than others, which is why having cars such as a SUV can get you through this unpredictable season.

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SUV: What is it?

Firstly, it is essential to understand exactly what an SUV is. The acronym stands for ‘Sports Utility Vehicle’. They are a stylish, robust, and spacious automobile which stand taller than a regular car and can drive over rough terrain with ease.  These cars are considered by many as the ‘chameleon’ of the roads due to their ability to adapt to different surroundings. More compact SUVs are known as ‘crossovers’.

Elevated seating

An SUVs higher seating gives you a better visibility of the road and, in some instances, over other traffic. This can help you prepare for any potential hazards and allow you to avoid troublesome scenarios. This command seating can also provide greater visibility when parking. Although this can be advantageous all year round, the higher seating in an SUV can help you see over obstacles, including the lines of traffic that will inevitably follow any sharp snowfall.

High clearance

An SUV provides a high clearance which is highly beneficial. The space that’s between the bottom of the car and the road below allows your vehicle to drive over any obstructions. This could include piles of compacted snow. When the weather is poor, this high clearance will reduce the risk of getting stuck.


An SUV is heavier than regular cars, which means it is one of the best vehicles to drive in bad weather. The weight allows for better handling, meaning it can better withstand the harsher weather conditions. Because it has a bigger and wider frame with larger wheels, the SUV has more stability when driving in difficult conditions.

Four-wheel drive capability

An SUV has a four-wheel drive capability which is certainly an advantage, similar to its weight helping in icy or snowy conditions. Having plenty of grip when you’re accelerating allows you to smoothly continue on your way while the engine’s power is applied effectively to the road. It’s worth double checking that your SUV has four-wheel drive though, as not all come with it and some only have it as an optional extra. 

Fuel consumption

There can be a significant rise of fuel consumption of up to 28% in the winter. This is because the wind speed is normally higher, so there’s more resistance. It can also be due to increased wheel slippage. While SUVs previously had a bad reputation for their fuel consumption, advances in technology over recent years have made them so much more eco-friendly. Thanks to its superb handling, such slippages won’t cause as much wasted fuel, meaning your SUV will give you a great miles-to-pound ratio.


SUVs offer larger space compared to other cars, making them perfect for long road trips. This extra space allows for more cargo, as well as having a higher seating capacity. This makes it a great vehicle for winter getaways! 

Surely, SUVs bring many benefits all year round, not just in the winter. However, if it’s a winter automobile that you’re specifically looking for, then an SUV should definitely be on your radar. As cars continue to get bigger and better, there is an influx of models available to choose from, with some of the most eye catching and high performing examples, such as the much celebrated Mokka X, available now at Lookers Vauxhall.