Nissan take the fight to the Porsche Cayman with the 370Z Nismo

Nissan take the fight to the Porsche Cayman with the 370Z Nismo

Nissan has officially revealed to the world the new 370Z Nismo, the company’s mid-range sports car tuned by its own tuning arm, resulting in more power, more torque and an uprated body kit.

The power increase sees the 370Z’s V6 rise from 328 to 344bhp, with help from a special Nismo dual exhaust and so called ‘Nismo tuning’ that is likely to be a remap of the ECU. Another consequence of this intervention sees torque increase to 273lb ft from 244 and a 0.62mph time lower by a tenth to 5.2 seconds.

That last figure doesn’t sound like a massive boost, but Nissan insist the throttle response form the additions will certainly not go unnoticed. Also, regarding the new body kit, these add-ons aren’t just for show; they are in fact race inspired aerodynamics and are there to help the air move efficiently around the car.

The front bumper and rear diffuser, for example, work together to help improve airflow under the car; combined with the rear spoiler, the 370Z Nismo’s level of grip should be massively improved and will see the car enter into the path of one the most formidable driver’s cars, the Porsche Cayman S. Handling will also be improved thanks to “extensively re-engineered suspension and chassis set-up”, with the brakes also getting some positive treatment.

The 370Z is the second Japanese sports car to receive an upgrade package from their personal tuning company in the last month; Toyota’s well received GT86 got given the TRD treatment, but not quite as convincingly as the Nissan has been altered and it’s safe to say most were disappointed. Looking at the improvements bestowed on the Nissan, Toyota’s £6,000 hike for a package that bares no extra power or torque and very little else is hard to justify, even though the Nismo will likely have a bigger price increase.

Nissan have yet to release any official pricing for the 370Z Nismo, but it is expected to cost around £40,000, putting it well and truly into Cayman territory and will add something else a little special in the Nissan showroom besides the awesome GTR.