Ford begin new chapter with the Focus Electric

Ford begin new chapter with the Focus Electric

A new chapter in Ford’s history has begun with the production an all-electric Focus model that is to be built in Europe.

The Focus Electric will lead the line for Ford’s new range of fully-electric vehicles, with the C-Max Energie plug-in hybrid set to follow the zero-emissions family hatchback next year. A hybrid version of the Mondeo will also come to Europe soon after; something quite different from that of a standard line-up you’d find at the likes of Ford Liverpool.

As a fully electric car, the new Focus will contain an advanced electric motor and lithium-ion battery powertrain producing a combined 145PS and a top speed of 84mph.

Its 6.6kW fully-integrated onboard charger allows the Focus Electric to go 60 miles on a two or three-hour charge, whilst a full charge through a 32-amp power supply gives the vehicle a total range of 100 miles.

Barb Samardzich, Ford of Europe product development vice-president, said: “Focus Electric marks the dawn of an exciting new age of full-electric Ford passenger vehicles in Europe, and demonstrates the success of the One Ford strategy in making this sophisticated vehicle available.”

Using a new interface labelled SmartGauge, the Focus Electric gives the driver information on current power usage and driving range based on remaining energy, the driver’s braking and acceleration inputs, as well as the use of audio systems and climate control.

To recuperate power whilst driving, the car uses regenerative braking to recapture up to 95 per cent of kinetic energy that is usually lost during braking in a conventional vehicle.

The Focus Electric has begun production and cars will reach customers in July.