Could BMW spring a surprise in the electric vehicle market?

Could BMW spring a surprise in the electric vehicle market?

Over the last couple of weeks we have heard very positive noises from within BMW in relation to electric vehicles and in particular journey capacity. The company recently commissioned a report into the electric vehicle industry with some very interesting insights. Perhaps the most surprising conclusion from the report was that electric vehicle journey capacity could potentially double over the next five years or so; this would be a phenomenal move for the industry, because journey capacity is one of the major issues in the minds of the everyday motorist.

Not surprisingly, the various comments attributed to BMW arrived at the same time as the company launched its much talked about BMW i3 electric vehicle. However, the company has attracted significant criticism due to its comments regarding journey capacity, but could the company have something up its sleeve?

Calm before the storm

While BMW has been working on electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles for some time now, the company has not been very vocal with regards to comments about the industry in public. This is perhaps what surprised many people just a couple of weeks ago when the company released its report and its main suggestion that journey capacity would double within five years. There are many sceptics of the electric vehicle industry today and they were very quick to latch onto BMW’s comments and shoot them down in flames.

However, there is a growing suspicion that with BMW having just released its first major attack on the electric market vehicle market the company could have some technological surprises up its sleeve.

BMW i3 - side

How was the BMW i3 received?

First of all, the new BMW i3 has received some very positive feedback with particular comments about how the company has been able to maintain the high standards associated with BMW while introducing groundbreaking technology. This is not your standard BMW because the company has effectively gone out on a limb to be different, to be innovative and catch the eye of the general motorist. Could the BMW i3 be the starter before the main course?

While the company will soon be releasing its hybrid sports car, the BMW i8, to the marketplace, there is a growing suspicion that we could see significant movement on the all electric front in the not too distant future.

Keeping everything under wraps

Companies such as BMW have a history for maintaining radio silence while working on new and innovative ideas which is probably another reason why many experts are quietly confident there is more to come from the company on the electric car front. For BMW to even suggest in public that journey capacity could double in five years is a major step forward and a massive statement. Perhaps the company itself is a lot further down the line with regards to electric travel technology and waiting to release yet more eye-catching technology into the marketplace.

The next couple of years will see a major increase in the number of electric vehicles available on the mass-market, and companies such as BMW, while perhaps initially slow to grab the electric vehicle baton, will certainly be increasing their profile and their presence. Watch this space.