Specs and prices released for upcoming BMW 2-Series

Specs and prices released for upcoming BMW 2-Series

BMW is rolling out the new 4-Series range this autumn to replace the outgoing 3-Series Coupe and Cabriolet models, but following on from this comes the 2-Series – the replacement for the 1-Series equivalents – and the compact sports car’s details have been leaked to the world.

The usual host of variants will be available with the 2-Series, but details have only been released for the 220d, 220i and perhaps most importantly to anyone who loves a hot Beemer, an M235i.

Starting with the 220i and 220d models, both will produce the same 184bhp and the petrol will make use of the same turbo of that in the 125i but at a lower tune state. Both will weigh sub-1,400kg – the 220i at 1,350kg and the 220d at 1,375kg.

Although the leaked prices came from BMW South Africa, the equivalent cost should come in at around £24,600 for the diesel and £22,900 for the petrol.

Getting down to the important bits, plenty of people are excited for the M235i as it the kind of BMW model that harks back to an older, more raw generation of car. The manufacturer has already insisted the M235i will be faster than the 1M Coupe around the Nurburgring (that number being 8.15) and the leaked particulars say that it will be slightly more powerful at 322bhp and have the same torque at 332lb ft.

Weighing in at 1,455kg, the M235i is 45kg lighter than the hatchback sibling, so 0-62mph is down by a tenth to 5.0 sec and 4.8 sec for the manual and automatic versions respectively. Expect a price of around £31,500 when it comes to UK shores next year.

Two further models will spawn from the 2-Series line, with a cabrio confirmed and Gran Coupe rumoured. For now, take a look at Eastern Western’s selection of new BMWs, as well as other manufacturers.