Resurrection of TVR underway

Resurrection of TVR underway

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The resurrection of the iconic TVR brand is well underway, with the consortium of sports car lovers who bought the name about to open an R&D centre in order to begin work on a new car.

Computer game millionaire Les Edgar brought together the group of fanatics last year to buy the rights to TVR from former Russian owner Nikolai Smolenski and is setting up a base of operations in the south of England. Other UK claimants were fought off by Edgar and his group after months of discussion and negotiating.

The biggest task faced by Edgar and his team has been getting the right designers and engineers on board in order to create a suitable car that will bring TVR back with a bang, as well as in decent numbers. Vital to the car’s appeal, says Edgar, is its British manufacture.

He explains: “We have detailed concept designs and we will soon be ready to commission a static prototype. We’re not ready to say what kind of chassis the car will have, although having investigated every likely form, from the tubular backbone to a full carbonfibre tub, we’re close to making a decision.”

In regards to a powertrain, Edgar and his team are still undecided but believe it will likely be outsourced. Despite this, Edgar says the engineers will tune the engine in a way that is recognisable to other TVR powerplants in regards to sound and throttle response.

Just the one model is being worked on for the time being with the Speed Six name being touted for a comeback, but this moniker will more likely be utilised on a later car. One element that requires swift clarity is the price this new car will cost, with Edgar desperate to compile a solid bill of materials that will allow him to give a good guide price to potential customers.

The TVR philosophy seems to remain, however, with the team determined to build a “simple but exciting car” in order to offer a similarly affordable car to its predecessors.