Hybrid hypercar holy trinity - Paul Bailey

P1, LaFerrari & the 918 Spyder: completing the hypercar Holy Trinity

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We’ve all seen the car collections of the likes of Jay Leno and Jay Kay, and as amazing as they are, there is still the odd individual out there who can leave us stunned with their assortment of motoring perfection. Mr Paul Bailey is one of those individuals.

Mr Bailey, who along with his wife amassed their fortune after selling their communications company, was one of the first in the UK to attain the revered McLaren P1. However, late in the January of this year, Mr Bailey picked up two other hybrid goliaths you might be just as familiar with.

Collected on the same day, Mr Bailey completed ‘the Holy Trinity’ of hypercars after going in his P1 to collect his Ferrari LaFerrari, before taking both to Porsche to receive his 918 Spyder and driving away in all three with his wife.

To witness this amazing day, watch the video below brought to you by the Supercar Driver car club and get a feel of what it’s like to own the hottest cars of the modern day.