Honda named most reliable used car manufacturer for eighth consecutive year

Honda named most reliable used car manufacturer for eighth consecutive year

Japanese car maker Honda has been named as the UK’s most reliable used car manufacturer for the eighth year in a row.

What Car? And Warranty Direct’s annual Reliability Survey saw the firm come out on top. The survey was implemented through research carried out by the warranty provider on 50,000 policies covering three to eight-year-old vehicles.

Seven of the top-10 were Japanese brands; the other three consisted of Chevrolet, Ford and Hyundai. The results also showed that prestige brands don’t fair well when it comes to reliability, with the bottom three comprising of Porsche, Land Rover and Bentley.

A “Reliability Index” rating was used to score each car, with the number of times they failed, cost of repairs, average time spent in the workshop and their age and mileage all being taken into consideration when making up the index.

In regards to individual cars, the Mitsubishi Lancer (’05-’08) and the Vauxhall Agila (’00-’08) were found to be the most reliable, whilst the Audi RS6 was the least. Porsche’s iconic 911 was named as the most expensive car to repair, with an average bill of £1,157. Meanwhile, the single biggest repair bill was £12,820 for a Range Rover (’02-’13).

The survey found that most problems stemmed from electrical sources and accounted for 23.5 per cent of all faults; axle and suspension issues were second most popular, with 22 per cent of cars in the survey affected by these.

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