Ford announces Mustang to officially go on sale in UK in 2015

Ford announces Mustang to officially go on sale in UK in 2015

After years of being forced to import the Mustang, Ford have finally put in place plans to release the next-generation model of the legendary muscle car officially in the UK in 2015.

The American brut will be the firm’s first two-door sports car in its range since the Cougar ended production 10 years ago.

The announcement comes as Ford revealed plans for its expansion of various models that includes the Ford Edge and the EcoSport, a Nissan Juke rival based on the Fiesta.

Ford’s next-gen Mustang is currently under development and is thought to be a heavily modified version of the platform that has been the supporting car since its rebirth in 2005.

Smaller dimensions are expected, however, which should suit British roads more than the current platform, possibly a bi-product of the need to repackage the car to adapt it to right-hand drive.

One element that will excite potential buyers, is that Ford are understood to be kitting the new Mustang out with an independently suspender rear axle, with mule test cars having been spotted testing the set-up.

Ford defended their actions of not implementing this equipment in the 2005 launch, arguing that a traditional live-axle was easier to be adapted by tuners and the like. The American giant may have been swayed by the likes of Dodge and Chevrolet placing more modern suspension set-ups on their respective Challenger and Camaro models.

The bad news for UK enthusiasts, however, is that the traditional, thunderous 5.0 litre V8 is likely to be replaced by a smaller 300bhp V6 unit, or even a 250bhp four-cylinder EcoBoost engine similar to that in the 2.0 Focus.