Bugatti claim new world record for fastest roadster with the Grand Sport Vitesse

Bugatti claim new world record for fastest roadster with the Grand Sport Vitesse

In the continuous hunt to have the fastest car, Bugatti have hit back at Hennessey’s claims to have beaten the French manufacturer’s world record for the quickest production car, with the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse becoming the world’s faster roadster.

The Vitesse has clocked a top speed of 254.04mph at the hands of Chinese racing driver Anthony Liu on Volkswagen’s proving grounds. The latest in a long line of Bugatti’s is a version of the original 2012 Vitesse; this newly entitled World Record Car Edition is limited to eight customer units and order books open for the £2.03million vehicle after its official unveiling at next week’s Shanghai Motor Show.

Other than its black and orange paint scheme, the WRC Vitesse is unchanged and still gets its power from an 8.0-litre W16 engine which produces a whopping 1184bhp and a massive 1106lb ft of torque.

The boffins at Bugatti originally had the Vitesse down to do around 233mph with the roof off, whilst having the potential to do 249bhp with the correct conditions. Practice runs saw the car do just that, but the official timed run saw the car go 5.04mph faster to take the record. The German organisation TUV (Technical Inspection and Certification) oversaw the runs.

Previously, Bugatti had attained the record for the fastest coupe in the world with the Super Sport and a top speed of 267.86mph which was certified by Guinness. However, after some examples available for customers to purchase were found to have their engines limited to 258mph, the car was stripped of its title. Guinness states that the car setting the record must be identical to those that are sold to customers; so with only five of 30 Super Sports editions derestricted to reach the record speed, the title was taken away.

In the wake of the big motoring news, Hennessey now claim to have the fastest car in the world with the Venom GT which has apparently clocked 265.7mph, but is a figure yet to be ratified with Guinness.