Aston Martin “in talks” with Mercedes over component sharing

Aston Martin “in talks” with Mercedes over component sharing

Following on from taking on board a new major shareholder in Investindustrial, Aston Martin are reportedly in talks with Daimler, owners of Mercedes-Benz, regarding the possibility of becoming a component supplier for the British motoring brand.

Such talks could mean the German manufacturers could eventually supply engines to Aston Martin in the future. Not only that, but any agreement may pave the way to also go as far as sharing platforms, with Mercedes’ SLS being a potentially perfect fit for Aston’s sports car future.

If such a partnership ensues, it could see Aston Martin use forced induction in the form of turbos for the first time, with Mercedes’ twin-turbocharged 5.5-litre V8 being used in all of its current AMG ranges, including the new E63 AMG.

It is understood that talks at an “early stage” and involve Aston Martin bosses and the two major shareholders, Investindustrial and the Kuwaiti-based Investment Dar.

On Daimler’s side, a spokeswoman has been quoted as saying that no decisions about a potential collaboration have been made, but that “both sides know and respect each other very much”.