Mitsubishi to unleash new range of hybrids at the Genvea Motor Show

Mitsubishi to unleash new range of hybrids at the Genvea Motor Show

Mitsubishi will be will be bringing two brand new concepts March’s Geneva Motor Show, the Japanese manufacturer has announced. They will come in the forms of the Concept GR-HEV Sport Utility Hybrid Truck and the Concept CA-MiEV suburban electric car.

The two cars represent the progress Mitsubishi are making to ensure they meet its self-imposed target to have 20 per cent of its fleet running on EV-based power systems by 2020. A version of the Outlander being released later this year will further help the cause with its Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) model.

These two new concepts being show at next month’s Geneva Motor Show will also hint at Mitsubishi’s plans to expand the “full electro-mobility engineering palette: Pure Electric (EV), Hybrid Electric (HEV), Plug-in Hybrid Electric.”

The GR-HEV will implement a heavy duty version of the unit to be placed in the hybrid Outlander; full details will be revealed in Geneva, but we are expecting more power and torque than the 2.0-litre four-cylinder powertrain and the twin 80bhp electric motors to be used in the Outlander.


It has been confirmed by the manufacturer that the GR-HEV will take advantage of a diesel engine, as opposed to the Outlander’s petrol engine; Mitsubishi also say that the vehicle will emit below 149 g/km of CO2, just little more than the new Colt hatchback which is available now from any Mitsubishi dealership.

The GR-HEV is set to be a very rugged and chunky vehicle, something which is unlike the second concept, the CA-MiEV, which is set to be aimed at commuters and will be a fully electric suburban EV based on the existing i-MiEV. The CA-MiEV will look to represent the next generation of EV systems and will accommodate a new range of high density batteries.

A range of 300km (186 miles) is claimed by Mitsubishi for the CA-MiEV and is set to feature magnetic resonance wireless charging technology and smartphone-activated functions.