Profile: Who is Mansory?

Profile: Who is Mansory?

Mansory cars - Lamborghini

It’s commonplace for car fanatics to rally towards their favourite auto brands, waxing lyrical about their most-loved models to anyone who might hear them out.

The opposite side of that coin, however, could be an even hotter conversation starter, with many a contentious automotive name out there – in most circles, a brand such as Mansory tends to be prime fodder.

Whether you’ve seen one of its Ferrari, Bentley or Lamborghini efforts, Mansory is certainly a tuner with the power to turn a lot of heads.

Having made its name in modifying luxury models, Mansory cars tend to have a fairly niche audience – aka, the rich who like to show that they’re rich – as its line of vehicles over the years have not been for anyone looking for anonymity.

How did Mansory get started?

Mansory was founded in 1989 by Iran national Kourosh Mansory, starting off in Munich focusing on modifying cars from luxury British and Italian brands such as Rollys-Royce and Ferrari.

After outgrowing its Munich base, operations have since moved to the Bavarian municipality of Brand.

Given the complete overhaul Mansory will give to any given car, the company is practically seen as a manufacturer in its own right, selling its own models independently. 

As such, Mansory operates worldwide through its multinational dealer network, with showrooms in the United Kingdom, United States, Japan, China, and more.

What is a Mansory car?

If you’ve ever spent a day at the Geneva Motor Show over the years, you’ll have no doubt seen the not-so-subtle Mansory cars stand.

A Mansory car, while familiar in some ways, is also completely different at the same time.

Masters in carbon fibre production and implementation, Mansory cars are typically identified from the heaps of modifications to its subject’s exterior.

The cars themselves will start out as factory examples of mid-engined Ferraris and Lamborghinis, or chunky SUVs from Bentley and Mercedes. 

Then, once Mansory gets hold of them, many additional parts find their way onto the donor cars, such as heavily reworked front and rear ends, rear wings, bonnets, alloys, and even the roof.

It doesn’t stop there – Mansory will also transform the interior of its subject, adding carbon fibre, as well as fine woods and leather wherever deemed necessary.

Custom colour combinations for both in and outside the car also play a big part in what makes a Mansory model, with flair being a key selling point to owning a Mansory car.

Beyond that, Mansory are also known to fettle with an engine or two, and add performance parts to a car, ensuring it goes like it looks.

Mansory and Rolls-Royce

Mansory Rolls-Royce Cullinan Billionaire

It was modifying Rolls-Royce models that helped Mansory make a name for itself, and the two brands remain closely bonded today.

Mansory offers at least one version of each Rolls-Royce model currently available, with hot favourites being the Cullinan SUV and trusty Phantom saloon.

There are three iterations of the Cullinan available, complete with a collaboration between Mansory and the luxury label Billionaire helping create a limited run of ‘Billionaire’ spec Cullinan models.

Mansory and Ferrari

Mansory Ferrari F9XX SF90

Another long-lasting conjoining of brands is Mansory and iconic Italian powerhouse Ferrari.

You’ll be able to discover a Mansory version of most of Ferrari’s mid-engined supercars, as well as its front-engined masterpieces. 

Most recently, Mansory has transformed Ferrari’s SF90 hybrid supercar – dubbed the F9XX Tempesta Celeste – complete with very aggressive carbon fibre additions, with its rear wing making the SF90 quite the beast.

Adding to the mix are a duo of performance upgrades to boost the SF09’s power and torque, just in case you thought it was on the slow side.

Mansory and Bugatti

Mansory Bugatti Chiron Centuria

If you ever looked at a Bugatti Chiron and thought “Hmm, I wish it looked a bit more wild” then perhaps take a look at the Mansory Centuria.

As the firm’s take on Bugatti’s latest and greatest, the Centuria is described as the ‘dream of the ultimate supersports car come true’, complete with an exterior as bold as its interior.

Meanwhile, Mansory is still happy to offer customisation programmes for the old faithful, the Veyron.

Mansory and Mercedes

Mansory Mercedes G63 6x6 Xtreme

When the two names of Mansory and Mercedes come together, there’s typically only one true vision of what that encapsulates: G-Wagens.

On the aforementioned Geneva stand, modified Mercedes G-Wagens were plentiful, with Mansory a bit of a go-to specialist for such models.

From the typical G-Class models, to the irrepressible G 63 AMG 6×6, Mansory has put its best foot forward when offering a version of the famed SUV.

Elsewhere in the Mercedes range, the Mansory name is prevalent when it comes to any kind of saloon or sports car the Stuttgart firm has produced in recent years.

Mansory and Bentley

Mansory Bentley Bentayga W12

An early big hit for Mansory was its take on the Bentley Continental GT, a model which it continues to work its magic on to this day.

However, as times change – and luxury brands introduce SUVs – so do customer demands, and naturally, one of Mansory’s most sought-after Bentley models is now the Bentayga.

While the stock Bentayga lets you know it’s a Bentley without going too far, the Mansory vision of the SUV is much more…carbon fibre’y. With a fixed rear wing and many additions to the front and side skirts, the Mansory Bentayga takes on a completely new dynamic.

Away from the cosmetics, Mansory also offers a Performance Box, which adds around 100bhp for either engine (W12 & V8), as well as boosted torque and top speed.