Top tips for car security

Top tips for car security

In a world where we like to have nice things in our lives, we also need to be mindful that, unfortunately, we still live in a world where we need to protect our belongings.

This is especially so for our cars.

Theft of our vehicles, as well as damage to them, is still rife enough to cause us concern as citizens. We probably all know someone who has been a victim of car crime, and it’s something that can not only cause us financial distress, but also mental trauma.

As such, many take great lengths to keep our property secure, especially when it comes to our cars.

If you’re feeling like your car security is not quite at the level it should be, here are five top tips to get started.

Put the thief off – Steering wheel locks

As visual deterrents go, a steering wheel lock is among the best to have.

While not indestructible, a steering wheel lock is an instant sign to prospective car thieves that you’re going to make it hard for them to whisk off with your vehicle.

A solid steering wheel lock won’t come cheap, but this is certainly an instance where you get what you pay for – so, if you want to make the most of this opportunity, you’ll want to spend as much as you’re able to.

When in use, be careful not to damage the wheel itself or anything around it such as indicator stalks or gearbox paddles if you have a semi-auto.

Keyless entry? Get a Faraday pouch

It’s great that, with many modern cars we use, we have the benefit of keyless entry – however, for the incorrigible car thief, they’re seen as a great opportunity to run off with your pride and joy.

In the right set of circumstances, a group of car thieves can hijack your car’s radio signal that your keys work on, and then send that signal to a nearby transmitter, turning it into the ‘key’.

With this on hand, they can get into and drive away in your car as if they had the real key.

A cheap way of preventing this is to purchase a Faraday pouch to keep your keys in when not in use. The pouch uses signal-blocking stitching to stop the key’s signal being latched onto and used in the above manner.

See how they run – think about a car tracker

In a post-theft situation, one of the best things you can have on your car is a tracker.

Not only will this give you peace of mind day-to-day, but in the event of your car actually being stolen, you will be able to see exactly where it is.

Utilising GPS technology, a car tracker is a discrete way of enabling you to keep tabs on your vehicle, and without compromise.

Car trackers are easy to install onto your vehicle, and can be powered by either its own long-life battery or can be wired up directly to the car.

Both recovery of the car and an aid for any police investigation into the theft are two great reasons why a car tracker is something certainly worth looking into.

Meanwhile, some trackers can even help bring your insurance premium down.

Spec high – on-board car security

While not everyone will be able to do so, those in the position to purchase a car with a high spec will likely put themselves in a position to own a car that already packs a punch when it comes to security.

When looking at purchasing a car, it can be prudent to cast a careful eye on the security spec of anything you’re considering.

Some cars come with better types of alarms, while others may have clever keyless technology which is harder to hijack and take control of.

Safe house – being secure at home

How your car is parked at home can make a huge amount of difference to how encouraged thieves will be to make a move.

If you’re able to make a few changes in the area where your vehicle is kept at home, this could go a long way to becoming a strong deterrent.

Think about putting your car in a garage or parking it behind a locked gate if you don’t have access to the former.

A well-lit space will also be effective, while any evident CCTV activity could also make a difference.

Ensuring you have the strongest type of lock for the doors on your house itself is another top suggestion, as those who wish to gain entry to grab your keys will have a tough time if you’ve got the right kind of security on the doors.

It’s also useful to have such a state of mind when out and about, looking for secure car parks to keep your car in whilst in the town centre, for example.