The Worst Car Model Names

The Worst Car Model Names

Throughout automotive history there have been hundreds, if not thousands, of different car names used for car models.  Some have been great names and have become famous, like “Cadillac” for example; others, well, not so much.  Here is a list of some model names that just didn’t make a lot of sense.

Dodge Dart Swinger

The Dart Swinger was released in the 1970 when the name was a little more family friendly. Today the word swinger refers to people that live in an “open marriage.”

Daihatsu Scat

The word “scat” must connote something different in Japan. Maybe it means “moving quickly.” In English, scat refers to the bowel movements of wild animals.

Ford Escort

Well, this one is interesting. “Escort” is a commonly used name for a call girl. Who was at the marketing meeting when this word was chosen?

Buick LaCrosse

It’s hard to tell where this name came from, perhaps from the popular sport. The biggest problem for those that speak French is that “LaCrosse” has sexual connotations.

Ford Probe

The Ford Probe was originally scheduled to be the replacement for the Mustang.  The first thing that was a mistake was replacing the iconic Mustang name with anything else. “Mustang” is a pretty cool name. Even the guys at Len Stoler Hyundai of Ownings Mills wonder what was Ford thinking – perhaps about a spaceship?

AMC Matador

American Motors Corporation (AMC) was a car company that existed many decades ago. Believe it or not, they had a car called the “Matador.” Matador is the Spanish word for “killer.” Enough said.

Nissan Moco

The word “Moco” translates to “mucus” in Spanish. Now who wants to drive around in a car called mucus?

Chevy Nova

In Western society, the word “Nova” is an astronomical term that refers to an exploding car. In Spanish, it was confusingly similar to the term “no va” which means “no go”.

Renault Wind

Not a bad little car but can you imagine the puns you would constantly be subjected to concerning the word “wind.” You know, like “breaking wind” and that sort of thing.

Studebaker Dictator

The Studebaker Dictator was a car of the 1930s and the term “Dictator” didn’t have the same negative connotation that it does today.  Today we think of people like Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini when the word dicator is used.

Skoda Yeti

OK, this one isn’t too bad. It’s hard to figure out what the Soviets had in mind with this one but for Westerners, it’s a mythical creature.  If the Skoda Yeti is a really good car for winter climates, it might actually be a good name.