What parties can you have on a party bus?

What parties can you have on a party bus?

A party bus is a versatile vehicle. There are a number of ways in which it can be used. And it’s not all about prom night.

Hen and Stag parties

This is perhaps the most obvious use for a party bus. The Hen and Stag night out before a wedding is basically one long party. Using a party bus for this purpose means that guests can really enjoy themselves, with a minibar being pretty much one of the coolest things in a party bus, and a dance floor so guests can let it all hang out.

This type of party will be an absolute perfect fit. If there is a pub crawl planned for the stag or hen party, a party bus can make sure that each point on the crawl is taken care of, so the guests can spend the rest of the night dancing and enjoying the bar.

With Hen and Stag parties, space is important. There may well be a large group of people jumping on board, so it’s always worthwhile ensuring that you have the right capacity bus for this particular party.


Birthdays are the most important days of the year, so it makes perfect sense to hire a party bus that has a good amount of space as well as facilities that can make this party go with a swing.

More and more people are hiring a party bus on their birthday. It adds that little extra bit of sparkle to the big day.


Another perfect reason to hire a party bus, wine tastings or tastings of craft beers are great fun, and with the party bus that important ‘designated driver’ issue is completely avoided.

Wine and beer tasting is a great day out with a party bus, and the key thing here is that driver issue. All the worry about getting home after the tasting will simply disappear. And on top of that, with wine and beer tasting, you can have as many ‘samples’ as you want and still be assured of a safe journey home.


Yes, it’s true. Some people are even hosting a dinner on a party bus. With the comfort and spaciousness that the party bus has, it is becoming more common for people to have food brought into the bus, (obviously food you can easily get rid of and/or clean up is desirable).

Rather than head out to the usual restaurants in the local area, simply arrange it so the party bus can host a dinner. It might have to be a simple meal, but it will be a unique experience.

The prom

Yes, we’ve brought up the prom thing. A young person’s prom night is incredibly special,and it is vital that they get the most out of it. Here, you can have a theme inside the party bus too. Plenty of balloons and streamers, and perhaps even a slideshow of the young person’s time at school, can be added to make it a personal experience.

So there you have it, a few party ideas that simply work, and show how versatile the bus can be. Whether you’re arranging a party bus rental in New York or London, all of these parties will work perfectly.