Welcoming the 2013 GMC Yukon

Now whoever likes SUV’s and especially GMC SUV’s should like the GMC Yukon.  They are powerful thanks to the V8 engines, one of which can produce 320 horsepower and 335lb-ft of torque, and the second which produces 403 hp and 417lb-ft of torque.  The GMC Denali can run on E-85 which means it can run on an 85 per cent percent blend of ethanol.  The only bad thing about the Yukon is the fuel economy.  Well the Yukon has the answer to the bad fuel economy fuel predicament which is the GMC Yukon hybrid.  The hybrid increases fuel economy by about 33per cent.  One advantage to it being huge is that it can transport a lot of people and things around, and it can tow a good amount.   So you’re really sacrificing fuel economy for transportation.  Since you’re sacrificing fuel economy for transportation, you really have to think if you’re going to tow many sizeable things everyday or just here and there.  If your answer is that you’re going to tow here and there, then don’t even get the Yukon because it will be a greater cost to benefit ratio.  If this is your answer, I would suggest that you get an SUV crossover because you can still have the towing ability, and it will be far better on fuel. Or if you really have your heart set on getting a Yukon, the sacrifice between gasoline and transportation can be solved by getting the hybrid version.  But beware, the base hybrid with 2WD is $12,000 more than the base Yukon with the gas engine.

Another factor to consider is that this SUV is harder to park in some spots than crossover and some other SUVs because of its mass.  But if this doesn’t matter to you, by all means then buy the Yukon.  You will definitely love this SUV.

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