Understanding the BMW i8 Design

Understanding the BMW i8 Design

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The newly designed concept car from BMW, the i8 sports car model is designed to offer drivers not just a unique driving experience, but most of all, an incredibly one of a kind appearance. Straight from the scenes of Back to the Future with the Delorean and recent films like Tron or Total Recall, this futuristic sports car is surely to make people take a double look at their surroundings to be certain they didn’t accidentally time travel.

Side Profile:

The surface of the vehicle is tight, and the edges are cut perfectly to form a sculptured look, handcrafted from a purely artistic mind. The i8 model has the unique “stream flow”, curving and bending. The door like a Delorean or Lamborghini model, swings up like a wing, clear large windows gives the vehicle the notion that it is very much so a sports model. The blend of silver and blue give the vehicle a clean look. The smooth lines and large side windows that wrap the upper body around, allow proper luminescence.

Front End:

Like many sports cars, you need a front end that is aggressively designed, you don’t want a stout, or roundish look, you need something that is sharp and the point. The i8 Concept did just that, but even more so, it has a look that looks to pounce its prey: the road ahead. It is relatively widened, very aerodynamic, and low to the ground. It was crafted to cut through the open air, to maintain speeds and handling in and out of turns. The hood of the i8 has a black semi-transparent V-shape that goes up along the windshield, dips below along the side and runs back up to the read or the vehicle. The design gives the vehicle a way of showing the true aerodynamic efficiency in almost a colour coding manner.

Stout, yet Sport Rear:

Sharp is to front, as stout is to behind, and we mean that with no pun intended. The smooth design of the body slides smoothly from the front, along the sides but meats a cliff, a relatively rounded rear of the i8 Concept. The rounded edges of the rear allow air-flow as it moves from the front to the rear to properly slide off without much resistance, thus giving the vehicle a clean shot through the open road ahead. Much like the side profile, the rear has the unique multicolored design of the blue highlighting the black, which outlines the primary silver body colour. This is the same colour and rear design that is used for the most part with the smaller sibling i3 concept coupe model that BMW plans to launch together with the i8.

There really isn’t anything like this on the mass-market in the auto world. When you can have a design like this that is so unique, and provide the sport like performance. Then if you top that sweet dessert with a cherry like 100mpg, you have one incredible breakthrough in the automotive world.

Slated to be available in 2013 sometime, the i3 and i8 concept models by BMW will surely be a popular choice for those in the greater DC-Baltimore area, and other urban areas. If you don’t fancy the “futuristic” look, then you could always just look into some of the recent BMW models by checking out the top DC BMW dealer, BMW of Rockville.