A look at the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive System

A look at the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive System

Many people in Perth and elsewhere are looking into buying hybrid cars and trucks these days because they want to save energy, as well as save money. Hybrid cars and trucks use a combination of an electric motor and a petrol engine, so they use less of the Earth’s resources and are considered to be a more “green” choice for drivers.

Toyota is a Popular Hybrid Choice for Drivers

One of the most energy and fuel efficient models of hybrid vehicles is made by Toyota, such as the Hybrid Camry, involves their Hybrid Synergy Drive. The parts of this system include a combustion engine, electric motor, generator, battery, power splitter device, power control unit, and reduction gear.

These components have the following features:

The combustion engine is not the same as most vehicle engines. It has an electric water pump and a feature that warms up the engine faster, which is called a heat recirculation device. The engine’s electric motor uses simultaneous AC motors that are lightweight and extremely efficient.

The power splitter takes the energy from the combustion engine and distributes it to the generator and the vehicle wheels so the engine and electric motor work together. The generator changes the mechanical energy produced while the vehicle is being driven into electrical power via magnets and the speed of the axel rotation.

A nickel metal hydride or Ni-MH battery is used to power the vehicle. Plus the regenerative braking uses kinetic energy to store extra energy for the battery every time the car’s brakes are used. A power control unit converts the DC to AC power and the reduction gear reduces the high RPMs of the electric motor to allow for maximum amplification of the vehicle’s torque so that it can accelerate seamlessly.

Hybrid Synergy Drive is a Full Hybrid

The Hybrid Synergy Drive system is what is called a series/parallel system or full hybrid type of system. This is what makes Toyota’s products superior to the competition because it allows some of the energy from the combustion engine give power to the vehicle’s generator to help recharge the electric engine and power the wheels.

This system helps to give Toyota’s vehicles equipped with Hybrid Synergy Drive system the ability to give users the most fuel efficiency possible with today’s technology. Some of these vehicles include the Prius, Camry and several models of Lexus.

Upgrade from Toyota’s Previous System

The Hybrid Synergy Drive is an upgrade from their first hybrid system that came out in 1997 with that year’s Prius. The original hybrid system was refined in 2004, which later led to the Hybrid Synergy System. As of 2012, Toyota has shown sales of more than four million hybrid cars and they produce about three-quarters of all hybrids sold in the United States.

The Hybrid Synergy Drive doesn’t have to rely on the gas engine as most hybrids do these days. Instead, the electric engine in these vehicles has a more significant part in running the vehicle. This electric motor has more power than the normal one to 1.2 liter combustion engine and its torque in the Prius is even better than that produced in a V-6 combustion engine. It is also much quieter than a traditional combustion engine found in most cars these days.

Unlike other hybrid models in other car brands, the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive vehicle uses the battery and electric motor as soon as you start it up. When the driver has to accelerate or go faster, the gas engine will then start up and help acceleration to happen more smoothly.

The advantage of this is little to no dangerous emissions of pollution into the atmosphere, which is something many of today’s green conscious consumers are looking for. All in all, the hybrid synergy drive is truly an advanced and innovative product that will help drivers to keep the thrill of roaming amongst the highways and still save our Earth’s air for future generation.
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