Top 5 Luxury Sports Cars You Can Lease Right Now

Top 5 Luxury Sports Cars You Can Lease Right Now

It’s the dream all car enthusiasts aspire to —  owning a luxury car. In fact, when people win the lottery, one of the first things anyone does is buy themselves a fancy new sports car. There is nothing quite so alluring — so attractive — as driving around in a world-famous sports car. 

But there is a problem with this picture. Most of us won’t ever win the lottery, or be able to afford the massive price tags attached to purchasing our own luxury sports car outright. And even if we could, the depreciation factor on new sports cars is almost as legendary as the cars themselves.

Drive a new sports car off the forecourt, and you wipe thousands of its value in a second; that’s not even an exaggeration. As a financial investment, buying a sports car is about as sound as buying a new computer to resell in a few years. Cars depreciate faster than any other consumer good.

So, does that mean we can’t ever own luxury sports cars?

No, it doesn’t. Car leasing has become increasingly popular over the last few years. One of the reasons for this rise in interest is because it allows ordinary people to gain access to extraordinary cars they would never otherwise enjoy. It’s now possible to lease luxury sports cars to enjoy in your personal life without having to remortgage your home for the privilege — or lose massive amounts of money as a result of ownership.

Always wanted to own a luxury sports car? These are five high-end vehicles you can easily lease right now: 

Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is a legend. First taken into production in 1964, it fast became an icon of the American motor-racing scene. It smashed records thanks to its raw and untamed power, quickly winning over the hearts of petrolheads the world over.

Everyone knows about the Ford Mustang. From the shape of the car to the roar of the engine, there is something primal about this car. To get behind the wheel of a Mustang is quite unlike anything else, which is why even in a world of Italian sports pedigree, Ford’s masterpiece remains one of the most sought-after cars in the world. 

Lowest monthly lease fee: £360

Lowest outright purchase price: £46,000

Mercedes AMG GT

Lightweight, built to move, and with a 470 horsepower engine driving the wheels, the Mercedes AMG GT coupe is a titan of automatic sports cars. Its 0-60 is a blistering 4 seconds. The only car on this list that beats it is the Audi R8 — but only by a hair.

With a superb long-body design that Mercedes is famed for, the AMG GT turns heads on the street and gets the blood pumping behind the wheel. When it was released, it lapped the legendary Nurburgring in just over seven minutes, trouncing Porches, Ferraris and Corvettes. Built by one of the best F1 teams in the world, AMG cars are known for being absolute animals on the track, and the GT is no exception. Buckle up — this is a hell of a ride. 

Lowest monthly lease fee: £1150 

Lowest outright purchase price: £100,000

Audi R8

Appearing everywhere from the streets of opulent Dubai to Hollywood blockbusters like Marvel’s Iron Man, the Audi R8 is one the most well-known modern sports cars available now.

Managing to squeeze its way up into the Hall of Fame usually preserved for the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini, the R8 is a dream car for many. Commanding a price tag higher than many residential properties, it’s available for leasing at a much more manageable price!

Lowest monthly lease fee: £1300

Lowest outright purchase price: £128,000

BMW i8

The BMW i8 is a new icon of the sports car world. Why? Because this innovative hybrid combines performance, design and environmentalism to create an eco-friendly machine that packs a punch. 0-60 in 4.6 seconds yet an MPG of 130, the i8 changed the game for sports cars and brought the industry into the modern era.

At last, a sports car you can commute in without having to get a second job for fuel costs. Fantastic to look at, fantastic to own, and fantastic for the wallet, it might cost well over £100,000 to purchase, but lease options for the BMW i8 mean this could be the car you’re driving around in very soon. A car that looks like something out of science fiction — who could resist? 

Lowest monthly lease fee: £940

Lowest outright purchase price: £115,000

Jaguar F-Type

When the Jaguar F-Type launched in 2013, it was likened to the sleek and sublime aesthetics of the Aston Martins driven by Daniel Craig’s James Bond. With a 0-60 of 5.7 seconds powered by a 300 BHP monster under the hood, the F-Type has the performance to go with its style.

A subtle sports car for those who don’t like to make a noise, the F-Type is the kind of car that garners silent acknowledgement. It’s not loud, it’s not in your face, but it’s still a thrill ride behind the wheel. Heavily praised by major motoring publications, including Top Gear and Auto Car, it’s also inexpensive to lease, coming in as the second-cheapest on our list. 

Lowest monthly lease fee: £500

Lowest outright purchase price: £55,000