The UK’s number one location for potholes revealed

The UK’s number one location for potholes revealed

Let’s face it, potholes are one of the most annoying things you can come across when driving. Not only do they cause you to swerve to avoid them, but if you’re unlucky enough not to see one in the road and you go over it, you have that horrible, dreaded thud. Sometimes potholes can even cause damage to your vehicle and on occasion can cause personal injury.

Potholes can appear in the road any time of year but are more common during the winter months. This is because it rains more often and the temperatures are much colder. Any slight crack in the road allows the rain to filter through and the cold temperature makes it freeze and expand. When the ice has dispersed and vehicles drive over the surface, it forms larger cracks, which leads to potholes. 

LeaseCar UK wanted to discover where the UK’s number one location for potholes was by finding out which council received the most compensation claim requests. 

The council with the most claims is…

As you can see, Surrey County Council came out on top with a total of 3,533 claims. This was closely followed by Hampshire County Council with 2,665 claims and Hertfordshire County Council with 2,190. 

The council who paid the most compensation…

Surrey County Council ended up paying a total of £323,222 which is no surprise given that they received 3,533 claims. Bury Metropolitan Borough Council came in second paying out £217,992 and in third place was Northamptonshire County Council who paid £214,804. 

As Surrey tops both lists for the most claims received and paid out the most in compensation during 2018-2019, Surrey earned itself the infamous title of being the UK’s number one location for potholes. 

Of all the councils that were contacted by LeaseCar UK, it was revealed that 37,578 claims had been made and a shocking £3,520,538 had been paid out. To find out if your council made the cut, check out the full list here or share your pothole stories using the hashtag #PotholePandemic.