The Mercedes AMG SLS Black Series: A dose of healthy speculation

The Mercedes AMG SLS Black Series: A dose of healthy speculation

There are two distinct objects that have been born out of the Mercedes AMG factory over the last couple of years; the SLS and the drip-feed of Black Series variants. Now it looks as though these two forces could be combined to bring us the ultimate Mercedes supercar.

It’s been reported that Mercedes have been planning to mate the Black name with the SLS from as far back as 2006 which is when development of the first AMG supercars began. Even though Mercedes themselves are yet to mention an SLS Black, they have recently announced plans to raise the AMG model count from 22 models up to 30, and with five years to go until Mercedes AMG turns 50 years old, speculation along with the anticipation, is increasing.

Possible snaps of the car have been popping up in spy photographers’ shots for quite some time, but back in June there were reports of the fabled Mercedes SLS Black roaring around the Nurburgring test track. You can see a short clip of this on YouTube here:

This video is widely believed to be the powerful Mercedes 2013 Black Edition SLS; although testing is on-going for this alleged monster and some are speculating a V12, rather than V8, engine will power the vehicle; possibly making it Mercedes most powerful road car for a long while.

The guys who shot this film at the ‘Ring’ reported this car to be “The most mental Merc ever” and “curiously wide-bodied” which sets it apart from the standard SLS. The video points out a new front bumper and enlarged side wheel arches, along with the unmistakable sound of a roaring 6.2 litre engine. AMG is well known for trying to get as much power from their vehicles as possible, so it’s safe to assume that this video clip could be AMG finalising some last minute details before a release.

Previous Black Series Mercedes have had a reasonable power increase from their “standard” engine set-ups and so the SLS variation could see the stock 571bhp possibly be tipped over the 600bhp mark, which, with the sideways nature of the car, would be insane.

About the author: This guest post was written by Hayley Reeve on behalf of DDR Surrey –A UK based Mercedes Benz Specialist offering Mercedes Servicing in Epsom.