Alfa Romeo Spider

The four generations of the Alfa Romeo Spider

Over the years, there were four distinctly different generations of the Alfa Romeo Spider. Overall, the car was produced from 1966 until 1993. Thanks to for their assistance with this article.

First Generation (1966-1969)

The first generation of the Alfa Romeo Spider was produced from 1966 until 1969. It was a front engine, rear wheel drive small car that offered a choice of two different engines. The smallest was a 1290 cc engine and the largest was a 1778 cc. The car featured a 5-speed manual transmission and was frequently referred to as a boat tail, thanks to its rounded design in the rear.

Second Generation (1970-1982)

The second generation of the Spider was produced from 1970 until 1982. There were four engines that consumers could choose from. The smallest was a 1.3 liter engine and the largest involved a 2.0 liter version. The design of the overall car was concerned, there weren’t all that many changes. However, there once one exception: the cars that were produced from 1970 on had a much larger trunk so there would be more room for luggage and storage.

Third Generation (1983-1989)

The third generation was produced from 1983 until 1989. Engine were limited to just two, a 1.6 liter or a 2.0 liter. The 5 speed manual transmission was still the only transmission available. The biggest changes in the third generation amounted to a lot of updates to the interior, providing additional consoles and a little more leg room. The exterior of the car was also updated, adding rubber to both the front and rear bumpers. All in all, many Alfa enthusiasts didn’t care for these changes, making the third generation a much less sought-after version of the Spider.

Fourth Generation (1990-1993)

1990 saw the beginning of the fourth and final generation of the Spider. In fact, the car was only in production for another three years. The Fourth Generation Spider was completely redesigned. The engine choices were the same as those provided for the 1989 models, but this time consumers opt for a 3-speed automatic version in addition to the standard.

The Fourth Generation is considered a tamer sportscar, actually more of a luxury car with two doors. The overall body was completely redesigned so that it looked sleeker and more modern. Unfortunately, the changes really weren’t all that successful in the marketplace and Alfa Romeo ultimately decided to end production of the car in 1993. To this day, car enthusiasts prefer a Spider from either the first or second generation as those were definitely the best days for the Spider.