Test your knowledge with these awesome online motoring quizzes

Test your knowledge with these awesome online motoring quizzes

Ever feel like you are a bit of a motoring brain box? Essentially, someone whose head is crammed full of seemingly pointless motoring facts, stats and info. Someone who knows their Gallardos from their Huracans and can even spot and decipher foreign road signs and markings.

If the answer is yes, then we challenge you to partake in the toughest motoring knowledge challenge you will probably ever comes across. Essentially, it’s a list of the internet’s five most awesome car quizzes, complete these and you are hereby declared a motoring knowledge legend.

And, here are the five most awesome online motoring quizzes:

1. Road Signs on Holiday

Having passed your driving theory test, it is a legal requirement after all, you should be reasonably clued up on the different road signs and their meanings. However, when traveling abroad that knowledge is all but redundant as road signs can differ massively from one country to another.

However, thanks to the COOP’s Road Signs on Holiday quiz, we now have an awesome way to determine just how far afield you can travel with your motoring knowledge and you’re guaranteed to have some fun in the process.

2. The World’s Hardest Car Quiz

The World’s Hardest Car Quiz is, for want of a better word, hard. It’s in the name and reflected in every single questions within. Now in it’s third iteration, there’s plenty to mash your brain and if you do come out the other end with a pass then you are quite literally a legend.

However, if you are a bit of a cheat or simply find it brain smashingly impossible to complete, you can view the answers in full for all three quizzes. However, remember not to take a peak before you give the quiz a try.

3. Engine Quiz

Do you know a spark plug from a starter motor? If the answer is yes and you fancy yourself as bit of a DIY mechanic, theĀ Engine Quiz is for you. The quiz drives you through a series of 30 questions, including: what is a crankshaft’s job?, why don’t we use steam engines for cars? and what are three most common ways to arrange an engine’s cylinders?.

As is probably blatantly obvious from the examples above, only an experienced mechanic or die hard car nut is likely to know and understand many of the questions. However, thankfully for the rest of us, there’s a little hint box, which should provide more than enough of a hint to help you through.

4. Car Logo Quiz

On the face of it, the car logo quiz sounds and looks like a pretty simple one to crack, but several questions in, things get pretty tough indeed. Dragging out logos from some of the lesser know and in some cases somewhat obscure car makers from across the globe, there are 40 in total along with a whole boot load of surprises.

However, unlike some of the other quizzes on this list and to the utter disappointment of all the cheaters out there, no hints, answers or ‘skip question’ buttons are included.

5. Engine Sound Quiz

All car guys have that one friend who can hear a car from two blocks away and immediately determine the make and model, hell, maybe you’re that friend? Well, thanks to Auto Express you can put that superhuman hearing ability to the test, they’ve compiled a selection of 10 sounds and all you have to do is guess what car each one is coming from.

Once you’ve cracked the Engine Sounds Quiz in its most recent iteration, there are nine more previous quizzes, also from Auto Express, to get your teeth stuck into.