Successfully selling your vehicle

Successfully selling your vehicle

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If you’re considering that longed-for upgrade or need something smaller and more compact now that the kids have left home, it might be time to sell your current vehicle. Putting your car up for sale doesn’t have to be a process fraught with difficulties and pitfalls, as long as you remember a couple of simple techniques.

Careful Planning

By setting the right price for your vehicle, you can guarantee a faster sale. This means that it’s worth spending extra time working out the correct price. Some websites specialising in car sales have tools for finding out your recommended sale price or, for greater accuracy, a full valuation of your car. It’s a good idea to compare your car with similar used models for sale and to consider the fact that most buyers of used cars like to haggle. Other things to consider include your car’s age, condition, features and mileage.

Smart Advertising

If you don’t advertise your vehicle correctly, you won’t attract the customers. Focus on the best features of your car, including its reliability and appearance. Does your car have air conditioning or a particularly good stereo system? Don’t forget to mention these things. Your advert should be written clearly, without including a load of industry jargon, and should include any recorded service history for the vehicle.

When you take pictures of your car to accompany the advert, make sure they include the whole car and some close-up shots of important features. It’s recommended that you give the vehicle a really good spring clean before you start photographing it, as buyers are more interested in cars that look well-cared for. If your car doesn’t look its best in the photos, potential customers might want to haggle the price down further than you’re willing to go.

Handling Potential Buyers

It’s imperative that you allow buyers to thoroughly inspect the vehicle before deciding whether or not they want to make the purchase. This includes letting them test drive the car, which they must always be correctly insured before attempting. Don’t leave buyers alone with the car and the keys. You should be prepared to haggle with potential buyers, but always keep the lowest acceptable price fixed in your mind, and don’t allow buyers to offer beneath this amount. For more information on selling your vehicle, visit a specialist firm like Exchange and Mart.