How to replace a headlight bulb

How to replace a headlight bulb

Did a police officer recently stop you and say that one of your headlights was out? Or is it something you noticed yourself? You can bring your vehicle to a garage to get the repair done, but did you know that headlight replacing is something that you can take on? It is something that may sound complicated, but with a few instructions you will be on your way to doing it. Keep reading for easy steps on how to replace a car headlight bulb!

Getting the Correct Bulb

First you will need to make sure that you get the right kind of bulb for your car. The folks at Monroeville Chrysler Jeep can help you successfully complete this mission. Common types of headlight bulbs include Type H1, Type H4 and Type 9007. However, do not take the bulb out of its packaging until you are actually ready to do the replacement. We say this because the oils on your skin can get on the bulb, causing it to burn out far earlier than it would otherwise. When you do open the bulb packaging, roll the bulb onto a clean rag or tissue.

Opening Your Car’s Hood

Now that you have the right bulb in your possession, you will need to find the bulb holder. This requires opening your vehicle’s hood and propping the hood open—perhaps you thought you could do it from the vehicle’s outside where the light from the bulb would actually show up, but this is the way to access the bulb that works!

Finding the Bulb That Needs Removing

Once you have the hood open, look around to the back of the headlight and find the bulb holder. The bulb holder has three wires coming out of a plug shaped like a trapezoid. The three wires are held in place by a screw cap, metal clip, plastic catch or other small object. A screw cap simply calls for counter-clockwise unscrewing. A metal clip being there means you just pull that object up and away. A plastic catch requires that you press the lever down that’s sticking up at the top of the plug while you gently pull on the plug. Be careful not to drop any of these objects because they will be very difficult to find if lost!

Putting the New Bulb In

Now comes time to take the bulb out that does not work anymore. Hold onto the base (the thing shaped like a trapezoid) and just pull out the bulb. Now, you just have to put the new bulb in its new home! Grab the bulb from the plug end from the rag or tissue you had put it on and put it where the old bulb was. Ensure that none of the bulb’s rubber gasket is showing. Then, you plug your wiring back in and secure the bulb. Close your hood, and turn your headlights on to make sure they both work.