Prices for Female Drivers Are Set to Rise – Are You Ready For The Increase?

Prices for Female Drivers Are Set to Rise – Are You Ready For The Increase?

From last month, female drivers will no longer get a better deal on their car insurance than men, as new laws will be put into place to prevent this. Female drivers have previously been rewarded for their safe driving by having much cheaper car insurance. They are also less likely to claim on their insurance premiums than men.

Why Is The Price Of Car Insurance Increasing?

It is now seen that males are being discriminated against because of their gender so it has now been put into law that this is no longer allowed and men and women have to be treated equally.

Is It Just The Cost Of Car Insurance That Is Increasing?

No. There are some other insurance premiums that will be increasing for women such as life insurance, health insurance, income protection and many more.  According to the government the cost of females insurance will go up by approximately £30 a month for ladies which equates to approximately £360 per year. There is however a little good news – car insurances over the past year have begun to fall. They are approximately 10% cheaper than they were last year.

How Can You Keep Your Car Insurance Premium Low?

There are a few things that you can do to keep your premium as low as possible:

  • Shop around – it may be a good idea to use a comparison website to look for the cheapest insurance as they can compare many different deals and find one that is the most suited to you.
  • Check your mileage – Before insuring your car it is a good idea to check how much mileage you have done in the past year. You do not want to be in the wrong bracket as this will cost you a lot more money.
  • Keep short term prices low by increasing the excess on your car insurance – You need to make sure you think before you do this. If you have a crash in your car you will have to pay the excess so it is not always the best option. It is also a good idea to test different options out with your excess as adding money to your excess does not always cut the price of your premium.
  • Improve the security of your car – This will reduce your premiums as there is less chance of you claiming for a stolen car. It is also a good idea not to add or alter your car in any way as this will add money to your insurance premium.
  • Pay the full price of your premium – Paying your premium monthly will cost you more money so if possible try and pay it off completely.

It may seem unfair to women that they have to pay the price for male drivers who are not careful. Women have campaigned for many years to have equal rights to men and this is when you have to take the good with the bad. Just ensure you do all you can to cut your costs in other ways.


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