Presidential limo

Presidential Limousines

Ever wonder what was special about Presidential Limousines? If so, here’s an article for you.

In the past, the vehicles that carried our nation’s presidents were relatively standard limousines.  Typically, they were either Cadillacs or Lincolns that were converted into limos by third-party coach builders. Nothing terribly exotic was needed in their construction because their job was simply to carry dignitaries in safety and in style.

Things are different, today- a lot different. Today’s presidential limousines are so heavily modified that only a tiny fraction of each vehicle actually comes from a car manufacturer. The rest is custom made by military contractors and other authorized suppliers. And no third-party coach builders are involved because the Secret Service has their own internal division that constructs and maintains the vehicles.

Want to know more? With the assistance of we put together an interesting list of presidential limo facts.

  • As many as 12 Presidential Limos and other State Cars exist and they are used in rotation.
  • Each limo is some 18 feet long and weighs an astonishing 14,000 lbs. (Standard automobiles weigh in the 3000 to 4000 lbs range.)
  • There are no keys or keyholes on the presidential limos. The Secret Service agents assigned to the motorcade are the only people who know how to open them up.
  • All the limousines have glass that is a multi-laminated glass matrix, and is a full 5 inches thick.
  • At all times, two pints of blood in the President’s type are inside the vehicle along with other critical medical supplies.
  • The present presidential limos all have multiple rocket-propelled grenade launchers.
  • The limos go everywhere the President goes. If the president goes to an international destination, the limo is often flown there by military jet.
  • Heavy Kevlar mats line the underbelly of the presidential limos to protect the occupants from IEDs and other explosive devices.
  • The vehicles’ tires are a proprietary design that cannot go flat regardless of what damage they receive.
  • The air inside the vehicle is sealed completely from the outside air. This means that the occupants of the vehicle are immune to any poisonous gas attack.
  • The Presidential Limos travel with their own mechanics. These people are armed federal agents.
  • The limo is equipped with a full complement of outside cameras that display to monitors inside the cabin.
  • Whenever the President is in the vehicle, his chief security officer is always in the front passenger seat.
  • As you probably assume, the driver is highly-trained in evasive driving techniques.
  • The rear seats have reclining and massaging capabilities.
  • When a presidential limo is retired, the Secret Service disassembles the entire vehicle and destroys every part.
  • When the President travels, other vehicles in the motorcade contains the communications equipment necessary to link the presidential limo directly to the Department of Defense. It is possible for the President to direct operations inside the limo in the event of a nuclear war.
  • The Presidential vehicle has a maximum speed of only 60 mph.
  • The Presidential Limo is powered by a supercharged 6.5 liter diesel engine, the same type of engine in military Humvees.
  • Outside noise is pumped in through speakers inside the limos. This is because the President can’t hear anything outside once he’s seated inside.
  • Sometimes, there is a decoy. The President may travel in another vehicle.