Nissan GT-R: The Muscle of the Far East

Nissan GT-R: The Muscle of the Far East

When you think of super performance vehicles, you tend to think of vehicles that are souped up and way beyond most of our price ranges. It is surely designed for a very specific target market, those who like to drink expensive bottles of wine, and eat out often. To have a vehicle like that is surely a status quo. For most super performance models their design is smooth, and relatively seductive. Now let us introduce you to the Nissan GT-R, the muscle car of the far east.

The GT-R is unlike most other super performance models like the Porsche, Ferrari and others. It doesn’t speak volume of status quo, nor does it insist that you enjoy caviar. What it says is you are an individual that wants to drive fast and look mean doing so. Not only does the design scream muscle and power, the interior is riddled with some of the coolest instrumentation, that will get any nerd or gearhead to giggle like a child. The design was sculpted this way to better manage the flow of air around the vehicle, to optimise performance.

Power. The one word that most people look for when they want to buy a high-performance vehicle such as the GT-R. So what does the Nissan super car have to offer us? Well it has a 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6 engine that can exceed 540bhp. Generally super cars support racing engines, but the only issue with that is they are so geared towards high-performance, that they just don’t seem to have the longevity. Nissan on the other hand took the time to properly engineer their super to have that long lasting reliability. A common sense move that others should consider looking into.

The transmission is being somewhat criticised, but on the other hand it appears to be the only minor flaw that some are coming across. Not because it isn’t durable, but because they feel it could be shifting  with more ease. But this flaw is quickly overlooked with the AWD (all-wheel drive) of the GT-R, this gives the vehicle balance and grip on the road. Having such control makes for a more enjoyable handling of the vehicle, cutting those corners tighter than one might think possible.

Being a good chunk of change less expensive then the major players in the super car segment, the Nissan GT-R is a concrete choice over those competitors if you compare performance to price ratio. Not to mention the design is more honed towards individuals that want a tradtional muscle car appearance over the traditional European super design which is more rich and smooth. The GT-R is surely the “rougher” appearance. But then again power isn’t meant to be elegant, its meant to be rugged and primal.

Even though the GT-R is likely out of many peoples price range, the other vehicles that are producing for the mass of consumers in North America and elsewhere are well worth noting because of their performance and instrumental amenities. Pompano Nissan dealer of Southern FLA is a great place to look into the newest and even some of these used models manufactured by Nissan. Maybe if you are even in the area you could take the GT-R for a spin.