Where next for car technology?

With each passing month, it is apparent that car manufacturers are developing more advanced technologies for their vehicles. Every new model seems to have something innovative that is intended to catch the attention of motorists and convince them that here is a car they must buy. Indeed, motorists almost expect new cars to feature technological innovations that set them apart from previous models.

We are beginning to see cars with a great deal of autonomy, although a fully self-driving vehicle remains a distant possibility. We do, however, have vehicles which can park themselves, operate cruise control and change lanes automatically. When driverless cars become a reality, we could see rotating seats that allow everyone in a vehicle to face one another and enjoy a relaxing conversation while the vehicle does its thing. There’s even the possibility of the time-honoured dashboard giving way to holographic windscreens displaying the vehicle’s speed, fuel status and time to destination.

This infographic from Southside Motor Factors profiles 10 technological features which could soon become commonplace in the vehicles that we see on public roads. Let’s see what awaits us…


Car technology infographic