New or used? The advantages of both

New or used? The advantages of both

When you are preparing yourself for either your first or next car purchase, there is one question that is usually asked. Do I want to buy new, or do I want to buy used? Then you will begin weighing in the pros and cons of doing one or the other.

If you are a rational consumer, you will likely consider two variables: something I can afford, and something that I will enjoy riding. Now if you are looking to save money, and get the most car for your buck, then buying used is a no brainer. For vehicles that are brand new that are ten thousand or less, you can probably count on one hand, and you will be dissatisfied with its size and performance. Why bother? Just get something used, and reliable. Not only that having such a low-standard new vehicle, you will be lacking some safety features, air-conditioning, and will be stuck driving a manual transmission (for you automatic drivers). So you could drive around in a shoe box for under 10k, a brand new shoe box! Or you could just buy used.

Let’s say you want to have all the normal amenities that most new cars have, but you don’t want to spend 20-30 thousand, that most people don’t have. Well you can buy a used vehicle for half that value in most cases, and have it only be 3-4 years old at most.  Only real downside, is you don’t really know the history of the vehicle, who drove it before you—and any repairs made will likely be beyond the life of the warranty that came with the vehicle originally.

Making a case for Used:

A larger pool of choice. Even in these trying economic times, there is one thing that is unchanged, and that is, there are more used cars to choose from within your price range than there are new.

Buying luxury. Most people would never ever consider buying a new luxury brand like BMW or Mercedes, just because it was well outside their price range. But when you buy new, these brands are now within your wheelhouse, and are well worth the look over.

Transferable warranty.  If you are buying pre-owned certified vehicle from an authorized dealership like for example When you go to a dealership like that who specializes in selling certified pre-owned vehicles you can often get the original vehicle warranty transferred over to you for free, and even add onto the life of that warranty—which will cover most repair costs.

So as you can see even though buying a brand spanking new vehicle might have the ultimate upside of it being truly new, and unused with a full warranty. There are options out there for purchasing used, and still having most of what you would expect from a new vehicle, but with a much lower monthly cost. You choose, new or used?