The new Fiat Panda: Will we ever see it hit the States?

The new Fiat Panda: Will we ever see it hit the States?

The first 4×4 version of the Fiat was firs introduced in 1983, nearly three decades ago. The new Panda 4×4 is simply the off-road version of the Panda Trekking which has already been present. The Panda is a very attractive car with same body-colored bumpers, and a satin aluminum skid-plate. Roof rails are added to provide for skiers, or snowboarders. A 4×4 logo is molded to the side to present its purpose. Lastly the 15-inch darkened alloy wheels with raised suspension provides the Fiat Panda off-road ground clearance.

The big question now is, when will we ever see the Panda hit the States? If you look at the consumer trend it would be easy to assume that the 4×4 Panda would be incredibly popular with the individuals who have a love for not just off-roading, but want something unique. With the introduction of crossovers to help cope for the gas guzzling tenancies of many large SUV models, the Panda would be a fun and attractive alternative for American consumers to consider.

The Fiat Panda comes with a twin turbo TwinAir engine or an optional diesel MultiJet II 16 volt engine. Each of which have the technology Start & Stop system. It hits a top speed of 105 mph, and has a remarkable fuel-economy of 61mpg. In comparison to what we have now in the North American market, those kind of numbers are perfect for urban and even some suburban drivers.

Even with all of those obvious trends that point to the success for Fiat Panda being sold in the States, there still hasn’t been any notion of that happening anytime soon. The prices were announced for the European market on the new Panda 4×4. At €15,000 is just a tad over $19,000. Still quite affordable.

Guest author’s note:

If there is news of the Panda being put in showrooms across the United States, we will be sure to let you know. Otherwise if you are a current owner of a new or used Fiat you can get Fiat service at Arrigo of South FL. Or for any other information regarding current Fiat models sold here in the States, contact us.