Mini Cooper – The Quick Sub-Compact

Mini Cooper – The Quick Sub-Compact

Mini Coopers started out in Britain in 1959. They went through a series of owners including the British Motor Corporation, which gave birth to the Mini, British Leyland and then the Rover Group, (the makers of Range Rovers). British Aerospace acquired the Mini and the Rover Group and sold them to Germany’s BMW, who now controls the Mini brand.

Minis sell very well all around the world. The United States buys more Minis than any other country on Earth, whilst Britain and Germany are the next two countries that buy the most. Minis sell well because they look pretty cool, but also because they have excellent gas mileage. They also have terrific reputations for responsive handling, high performance and safety.

Visit Priority 1 Auto Group and you will see – convertibles are available, as well as coupes and hatchbacks. Engine sizes are optional, starting with the base four-cylinder engine and working your way up to a turbocharged four-cylinder, which really makes a noticeable difference when passing cars on the freeway. There are different trim levels as well. 15-inch wheels come with the basic Mini, along with cruise control, Bluetooth and USB/iPod adaptor and CD player. The Cooper convertible gets 16-inch wheels and a convertible roof with a sunroof feature. As you move up in the trim levels, there are packages that get you 17-inch alloy wheels, traction control, a firmer suspension, xenon lights, hood stripes, Keyless ignition, parking sensors and a turbocharged engine.

The nice thing about all the Mini Coopers is that they all come with great fuel economy and lots of fun. These little cars are in fact fun to ride in and even more fun to drive. The handling is immediately responsive and the performance can take your breath away. Acceleration from a standstill and passing on the highway is noticeably quick and the exhilaration the Mini Cooper gives you is free of charge.

Some of the safety features in the Mini are front seat-side airbags, antilock brakes, rollover bars in the convertibles and optional traction control. The Mini Cooper has gotten high ratings from the IIHS, (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety), for roof-crush tests and for frontal offset and side impact tests.

The Mini Cooper is a car that has high standards and a reputation for quick handling and responsive performance. Its safety features are among the best in the industry.

It also is rated very high just for looking so cool.