Meet the Hyundai Equus

Watch out everyone, the Hyundai Equus is bursting onto the scene in 2013. C’mon you have to admit this car kind of looks like a Lexus. Well after all, this car is a luxury sedan and it is aimed at the people who can afford such luxuries.  Big news for this car is the V8 engine that achieves 18mpg. To achieve 18mpg in a car that has a V8 engine is pretty respectable. Usually V-8 vehicles achieve like 12-14 miles per gallon. And it’s not like the V8 engine is not rated good.  This is quite the opposite; the engine produces 429bhp and 376lb ft of torque. For Hyundai to produce a vehicle like this is pretty remarkable considering a few years ago the cars did not look that good. However it will still probably be a few years until Hyundai is able to compete with the sales of Lexus, and other luxury car manufacturers.

As said before, this is a luxury car, so the suspension will be good.  It is stiff, and this contributes to a great quality ride.