Lincoln: The Presidents’ Choice

Lincoln: The Presidents’ Choice

Countless brands stir curiosity among people. They think about the celebrities using certain brands. This includes being curious about what car brands presidents use. Several resources list down the commonly used cars in the United States; according to these resources, most of the past presidents used Lincolns as one of their official fleets during their term.

The following are some of the Lincoln models past presidents used before some of them used Cadillac or other makes.

1939 K-Series

President Franklin D. Roosevelt once used the Sunshine Special from the 1936 Lincoln K-Series. It was a convertible limousine designed for the president. In 1942, this vehicle was once again modified and carried the same front sheet metal found in today’s Lincolns.

1965, 1969 and 1972 Continental

Used by various presidents from different terms, the Lincoln Continental established prestigious reputation because of its luxury car design and performance that suits people of status and power like presidents. Presidents Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and Jimmy Carter are some of the first men of America seen riding this vehicle model although they used different model year cars.

1961 Continental SS-100-X

SS-100-X is a code used for the famous car designed specifically for President John F. Kennedy. The base design or platform is the Lincoln 74A, which is a high-priced convertible during that time. The US Secret Service took part in modifying this vehicle with various top like a bubble top, formal top with stainless steel material on the front, and a black cover to line the transparent bubble. Despite their different features, none of these tops was bulletproof. It was also geared with numerous accessories like two-way radios and handles for the SS agents.

While the top looked promising, its installation affected the rear section’s ventilation and cooling capabilities, particularly on days when the sun is high. Therefore, staff removed it in preparation for parades. This was the reason why the bubble top was uninstalled on the day when President Kennedy was assassinated.

1942 Custom

This model is another custom limousine utilizing long-wheelbase in the brand’s luxury division. Presidents who rode in this car model are Presidents Harry S. Truman and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

1950 Cosmopolitan

Presidents Dwight Eisenhower, Harry Truman, and John F. Kennedy were among the presidents witnessed inside this vehicle. This car became a groundbreaking car for Lincoln and Ford being the first one to have the bulletproof bubble top. This vehicle was used until 1967 and currently exhibited at the Henry Ford Museum.

1989 Town Car

Presidents George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan used this luxury sedan. Taking pride in its exquisitely designed interiors, the Town Car was named as among the most used car in the United States. Buyers can also convert this vehicle to stretch limousine to match their preferences.

Lincoln established its name as one of the most used car brand for presidents during their term. Their performance and aesthetics match the presidents’ status while its presidential name make it worthy of top personalities’ use for their meetings or other state activities.

Source- ReedmanToll Lincoln