The LaCrosse – Taking Buick into 2014

The LaCrosse – Taking Buick into 2014

Does Tiger Woods really drive a Buick?  It certainly looks like it. Why, you might ask, does such a famously rich guy drive a Buick? The answer is too simple: “Because he wants to.” If Tiger didn’t want to associate himself with anything, he would just step aside and say “No.” But he said, “Yes” to the Buick and so have millions of other smart car shoppers. He, like them, knows quality and performance when he sees it.

The Buick has been around for a long time and it’s part of the GM family, which in turn, has a reputation of building high quality automobiles. The 2014 models are arguably the finest ever made by Buick and the designs have crossed the line from function into the realm of pure artistic achievement.

The Buick LaCrosse is such a fine looking luxury car that many people forget to look at the fine points; they just buy it on the spot. However, if they actually took it for a test drive, they might buy one for every member of the family. The ride is just as good as an ultimate driving machine and the comfort and texture of the cabin is more than comparable to that other North European automaker’s cars. The price you would pay for the LaCrosse is about half of what you might throw away on an out of country model.  (see more about the Lacrosse at Williamson Buick).

Buick has always shot for the upper middle-class market as far as consumers go. They put quality where others wouldn’t and the workmanship is some of the highest in the US. Buick is subtle for sure. It’s almost understated, but when you’re behind the wheel or in the passenger seat, you can feel the excellence oozing through your veins. It’s a ride you will never forget and one that will keep you coming back for more.

Besides the plush interior and the soft and seemingly motionless ride, the Buick actually has a lot of power. The 303bhp V6 gets you from 0-62mph in 6.8sec. No wonder Tiger likes these beauties. They’re comfortable, luxurious and fast. The LaCrosse can also stop pretty darn quick too. It only takes a hundred and sixteen feet to come to a full stop from sixty miles an hour. Tiger understands that when you need to stop – you need to stop. The Buick is a perfect match for the No. 1 rated golfer. It can do everything he wants it to and more.