KIA continues pursuit of sport ambassadors

KIA continues pursuit of sport ambassadors

It has always been a great marketing ploy from just about any industry, from fashion to automotive to introduce brand ambassadors who are well know athletes. Many of the major automakers around the world have been introducing current or former athletes to present their brand to the consumer and hitting home with their ideal consumer.

Recently, KIA has announced that they will be introducing popular international athlete Jessica Fox, a hopeful Olympic gold medalist in the white water kayaking event in the recent London games where she received the silver medal. This is an attempt to bring a spin on the KIA Sportage, to give the Sportage a sense of adventure, outdoors activity and a go-getter personality.

Ms. Fox an Australian native fits the mold that KIA is looking to present to their international consumer audience, a person that is independent, adventurous and willing to try new things, like a new KIA for instance. This of course isn’t the first attempt by KIA to provide an international athlete ambassador to their brand. They also have introduced Spain’s world ranked tennis player Rafael Nadal back in 2005 who was at that time just beginning to break into the spotlight, and soon after would become the best player in professional tennis, building one of the most historical rivals in tennis history with Swiss Tennis star Roger Federer. Also around that time the Korean automaker had showed their interest in building an ambassador relationship with young up and coming Korean native soccer players, who were currently playing in Europe for established clubs like Manchester United.

Not sure if it is just coincidental, but it appears that KIA has always looked to introduce brand ambassadors in a variety of sports that aren’t just focused on one continent, but are well known internationally, but they also seem to bring to the front athletes who are on the rise to star status. Now it is uncertain how successful young Jessica Fox will be, but in her first Olympic experience receiving a Silver medal is enough to gain appreciation. While other automakers look to utilize athletes who already have gain recognition like Peyton Manning, or Shaq– the KIA brand looks to approach things a bit differently by finding unique athletes internationally. Maybe this is their way of telling consumers that KIA models are as unique as these athletes and their talents.

Now if you aren’t heavily influenced by a single athlete‚Äôs statement of a vehicle in which they are sponsored by, and you want a vehicle simply because of its affordability and performance, then KIA models are surely just that. You can learn a bit more about each of the KIA models by simply going to a local KIA dealer, or read more about the KIA Sportage specifically here at JBA KIA.