Jaguar and Elton John’s Legacy Raked Money in Auction

Jaguar and Elton John’s Legacy Raked Money in Auction

In 2012, the car auction market was rocked by a dual legacy bomb when music icon, Elton John, placed his Jaguar E-type for auction. The red vehicle, maintained in pristine condition, attracted quite a lot of attention and money when it hit the auctions in Oxford, England.

The Beginning

According to reports, the Candle in the Wind composer purchased the vehicle in 1987. It was one of a kind E-type by having OKE-1 as license plate. The plate was very unique and somehow introduces its owner to everyone who will see it. Hardcore fans are also aware of this plate because of all the publicity the star received during his time in the music scene.

Overall Car Value

According to resources, the car raked around $130,000 or equivalent to approximately £82,000. The car has numerous reasons why it deserves such an amount. First, it was owned by a celebrity, making it a pure treasure for a devoted fan. The plate, which is often used as nickname for the car, added to its value since not everyone can obtain such unique plates. Moreover, many car lovers want to include this vehicle in their collections.

The next reason is the restoration that came with this vehicle. Resources stated that it was restored completely around 1979. Car enthusiasts find these restorations valuable because they were done more than 30 years ago. Furthermore, its age didn’t show signs of damage or wreckage. In fact, it aged very well, which makes it worthy for everyone’s collection.

This vehicle was first auctioned in 2001 when the singer-songwriter presented some of his owned items in auction. After buying it in 1987, the celebrity did a good job maintaining it until he decided to put it on auction. The good thing about the vehicle is that its new owner also ensured the vehicle would retain its beauty. It has undergone regular maintenance and kept accordingly to guarantee that it won’t go dull throughout the years.

About Jaguar E-Type

The first series of E-type hit the market in 1961 and continued in production until 1968. What made this car different from other vehicles is that it started as something offered for export alone. Regular cars often target the local auto market first before expanding worldwide. In July 1961, four months after its initial exportation market launch, the domestic market finally had the opportunity to own this vehicle. Launched in three body style options and two engine types, Jaguar E-type became one of the target vehicle to collect for many devoted car fans. Read about the newer Jaguar models in their current lineup at ReedmanToll Jaguars.

Series 2 came with changes that made it stand out in the market like the absence of glass covers, repositioned front indicators, and other enhancements that highlight its fresh aesthetics although it looked similar to Series 1 at a distance. After the production of limited edition E-types, Series 3 came and marked the final E-type production for the market.

Without a doubt, Elton John’s vehicle was something many car lovers anticipated in the market. Even though it was not offered in auction by the star in 2012, having this car as a collection makes it a worthy investment in the long run.