How to add value to your car

How to add value to your car

If you want to sell your car, it is important for you to ensure that you do everything you can to make it stand out amidst the competition. Do not assume that you will find a buyer just as soon as you put it up for sale. Plenty of people are also thinking of selling their vehicles to raise funds for one reason or another. You should be ready to spend some cash, to raise the value of your car if you want it to sell fast and for the highest possible price.

One of the first things you should spend your money on is general maintenance of your car No one wants to buy a car that is badly maintained. If your car is in this situation, you need to take it to your local mechanic so that it can be fully serviced and made roadworthy. While nothing can be done for the mileage, plenty can be done to ensure that the brakes work perfectly, the exhaust pipe is functioning as it should and that the engine is still raring to go. If you spend some money on these essentials that you would otherwise have done for yourself anyway, you will find it easier to attract plenty of potential buyers.

The first impressions is everything. This rule holds quite true when it comes to selling a car. No matter how well maintained a car is internally, no potential driver will pay attention to a car that looks dirty. The first order of business is to ensure that your car is clean on both the outside and the inside. If people can get to see all the features clearly then you can justify the price tag you attach to your vehicle for sell.

A clean car that is well maintained will also be sold at a lesser value than it is worth if it has physical defects that are visible to the eye. Chipping and fading paintwork as well as dents on the body of your car will lower down your car’s value. If you take time to spend a bit of money repainting, varnishing, and fixing the dents on your vehicle, you will be in a better position to charge more for your car thus enabling you recover some of the money back.

Other aspects of your vehicle that you should fix include dim lights, wheels, upholstery and so on. It is important for you to ensure that your car looks, as you would like it to be viewed. If you do not value it enough, this will show to your potential buyers who will be unwilling to spend money on it. An old car that is well taken care of in every way will sell at a higher value than a relatively newer car that is badly looked after.

Finally yet importantly, ensure you have all the papers in order. If your car insurance is updated, then you can charge more. Do not spend cash on fixing other aspects of your car only to forget the paperwork. Good paperwork instantly makes your sale offer much more attractive to buyers who do not want additional work of this kind.


Tony Buchanan is a marketing coordinator from Brisbane, Australia. He is representing Cash for Cars Brisbane, a company specialising in car removals.