Getting social: Ford giving 100 Fiestas to bloggers

Getting social: Ford giving 100 Fiestas to bloggers

Social Media has become a major force for many large brands, and this includes the major brands that make up the competitive automotive industry. Recently in Social Media Week in New York City, Ford announced that they plan to launch their new campaign called “Fiesta Movement”. The campaign is a mix of unconventional marketing and new wave social media marketing. Using brand advocates and online influence to push their brand across the internet. The lucky 100 individuals who will receive a Fiesta for 6 months can drive the Ford completely free, and all they are asked to do is simply blog about their experience, tweet about it and use any other social media sites to get the Ford Fiesta recognized.

At Ford’s headquarters for their social media marketing efforts, their head of Social Media, Scott Monty, mentioned among the 100 people there will be a mix of celebrities as well, either television, music or just self-established celebrities from their own marketing efforts. Back in 2009 they did a similar campaign, and this time around they expect to have a much larger impact, especially with how improved social media has become, and the digital devices for video and pictures make it a lot easier to capture moments. Their 2009 campaign, was something that was relatively new and unconventional by marketing standards, but regardless of that it was seen as a great success for Ford, and it showed that big brand companies can utilize the influence behind social media, and mix in some guerrilla marketing techniques to reach new audiences, improving their brand awareness. This campaign of course will be cushioned by well places advertisements online, Tv and in traditional print ads.

Some of those who participated in the first go of this campaign in 2009, will also be considered for this years six month adventure. The celebrities haven’t been announced yet, but we will keep you posted when this is announced. Thousands of people applied in 2009, and there are more expected to apply for this opportunity this go around. Ford says the 100 lucky individuals will have their gas, parking and even insurance paid for the entire six months they spend with their new Fiesta. Sounds pretty nice right?

All the content that will be created by these individuals, either on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more will be eligible, says Ford, for television and other traditional advertisement. This will be a fully integrated marketing strategy that will surely bring a lot of attention to the Fiesta over the warmer months of the year—maybe even warming up consumers to consider purchasing the hatchback vehicle.

For those of you are interested in this opportunity, and would like to learn a bit more about the new Fiesta can visit your local Ford dealer, or go to To those of you who are looking to play your odds on winning the opportunity to drive for free for six months you can go to the official Fiesta Movement site,