General Motors look to the Chevy Volt to electify Cadillac

When the Chevy Volt came onto the market, there was a bit of uncertainty of the timing of the electric engine push in the North American market, but there has been quite a reception on behalf of the consumers with the Volt showing better than average popularity. Now General Motors is really looking to push the electric technology of the Volt to other markets—such as the luxury market. More specifically GM is looking to add the Volt technology to the new Cadillac ELR.

Tuesday the folks at GM introduced the Cadillac ELR which featured the same battery powered and gas-powered generator as the Chevy model. Promises are being made that the vehicle will be designed with a forward lean, and aerodynamic body styling. They hope to make changes to the interior that will set the tone for any and all future Cadillacs. Will they opt towards a futuristic styling, and go away from the strong and stylish Cadillac we have grown to appreciate?

Production of this model will begin sometime towards the end of this year, and there are expectations that we could be seeing them in showrooms as soon as 2014 Q1 across North America. There hasn’t been any real concrete statement given on how many will be manufactured and sold, but they made it relatively clear that they intend to make it a rare to uncommon purchase in terms of availability. They also intend to test the vehicles demand in markets like Europe and Asia.

Even though not much has been released on the techs and specs side of things, we do know that the ELR has a 5.5-foot, 435-pound T-shaped battery that allows the vehicle to travel upwards of 35 miles purely on electricity. Once the battery begins to run low, a 1.4-liter gasoline generator boots into gear, just so drivers aren’t nervously waiting to break down when the battery runs out of life. The best part is, much like the Chevy Volt, the ELR will have a 8 year warranty on the battery generator. Eight years of protection is an incredible deal, and it speaks volume about the trust that GM has in this technology. To get a better idea of this technology, you can read more about the Chevy Volt by visiting Boston’s Chevy dealer, Herb Connolly.