Exploring the new Porsche Cayman

Exploring the new Porsche Cayman

The new Porsche Cayman has been released at the Porsche Centre Lagos. This car is speculated as one of the most sophisticated cars, with masterful design and a seamless finish. According to the revealed data, it has been noted that the Cayman will be completely redesigned with outstanding trappings. For the 2014 model year, this completely brand new redesigned car is a third generation edition. The Porsche Cayman is a complete sports car, having rear-wheel drive and a mid-engine layout. Being a sports car and to keep an unmatched look, the manufacture has kept it outfitted with 2 seating arrangement only – without having any back seats.

The Cayman was introduced around seven years ago and since then it has become a popular sporting vehicle from Porsche roster of vehicles. According to the experts, the recent modification and re-design make the car even better in the world of race tracks, with better balance and terrific acceleration ability. As revealed by the manufacturer, the newly redesigned Cayman will cater 15 per cent more fuel efficiency. It will be furnished with and auto stop/start function, electrical system recuperation and injection thermal management.

Owner of the Porsche franchise in Nigeria, Julian Hardy, attended the inauguration session of the third generation Cayman vehicle. He branded the Cayman as evolutionary – rather being revolutionary. This proves the third generation version is Cayman is a drastic upgrade of the outgoing model. The feature ADC or Adaptive Cruise Control has been newly introduced to this upgraded version of the car. He remarked that at the first sight the outlook of the car may seem to be pretty similar as the previous version, but if one gives a close look, they would find that it is longer and wider than its predecessor, as well as having taken on updated styling cues from the latest Boxster.

The new Cayman is available in two versions, the standard model and the S, with engine sizes of  2.7 and 3.4-litres respectively. Not just the driving facilities and key options of the car have been refurnished by the engineers, but also the comfort level of the car has been revamped. It has also been reported on http://www.porschetowson.com/ that electro-magnetic power steering has replaced the old-fashion hydraulic steering of the car, which will allow added comfort and ease to the drivers. Not only that, but drivers can control this car on the road in a better manner thanks to this upgrade.

Overall, the new Porsche Cayman has been eagerly awaited and highly anticipated. Potential buyers can sneak a peek of this car if they desire to buy an exceptional sporting vehicle by visiting their local Porsche dealer.