Did You Fail Your Practical Driving Test? If So, You May Have Committed One of the Common Mistakes

Did You Fail Your Practical Driving Test? If So, You May Have Committed One of the Common Mistakes

You have to pass both the practical driving test and the theory test in the United Kingdom before you are able to get a driver’s licence. When you are having your driving lessons, you will drive on a variety of roads including rural roads and town roads. If you have plenty of practice, and good instruction whilst you are learning to drive, you should be able to pass your driving test without any problems.

Most people that fail their driving test make some common mistakes. Once you know what these mistakes are, you can practice your driving skills so you can pass each section of the practical test with ease.

How You Approach Junctions

The examiner of the practical driving test will observe when you approach a junction. They will see how fast you approach the junction, and they will see how well you watch out for other drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists that are also at the junction. Do you give them the right of way, or do you speed through without allowing them to merge? When you leave a junction you should do so in a way so that other drivers will not have to apply their brakes or drive into an opposite direction.

How You Reverse Around a Corner

You should not apply a lot of speed to this manoeuvre. In fact, this skill should be performed almost at the same speed that it would take you to walk. A slower speed will allow you check all of your mirrors and other objects that are around you. Your car should also be the appropriate distance from the kerb. You should not be too close or too far away from the kerb.

How You Steer the Car

You will want the examiner to see that you can maintain excellent control over the car through the steering wheel. Make sure that you do not allow the steering wheel to slide through your hands when you are at a junction, or you are merging lanes.

Do You Check Your Mirrors before Changing Lanes or Direction

There is a skill that you should have been taught during your first driving lesson. It is called MSPSL. This acronym stands for mirror, signal, position, speed, and look. These are all of the steps that you should take before you decide to move your car in a different direction. All of your mirrors should be used so you can get an accurate view of every location on your car.

Can You Reverse In a Park Correctly?

Your practical driving test examiner will want to see if you apply the right speed and steering wheel control when you are reversing a car into a parking area. When you are finished, the car should be placed within the parking space accurately.

These are just a few of the things that can cause you to fail the practical portion of your exam if you complete any of the skills the wrong way. Be sure to practice your skills until they become second nature to you. When it is time to take your test, relax, and perform the skills the same way you practiced them.

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