A diesel-powered Mini?

A diesel-powered Mini?

Unless you are a Mini Cooper enthusiast, you may not know that Mini has a diesel version that has been making its way to the shores of the US for many years. Yes, the diesel Minis have been available for several years in other countries but for a variety of reasons they haven’t been imported into the US yet. Before we discuss availability, though, let’s look at this remarkable car.

The Mini Cooper SD as designed now sports a 2.0 litre turbodiesel four-cylinder, all-aluminum crankcase engine with a powerful turbocharger for extra juice. All systems, including the solenoid-valve injection system are controlled by a sophisticated electronic engine management system. While not quite as fire-breathing as the standard Cooper S models, the SD produces a respectable 143 hp and 225 lb-ft of torque, as well as a top speed of 132mph. The fuel mileage is said to be in the easy to digest 65.7mpg range.

In addition to a cutting edge-designed diesel engine and management system, the Mini Cooper SD is also outfitted with Brake Energy Regeneration (BER), Shift Point Display (SPD) and Electric Power Steering (EPS) systems. The fine German engineering also extends into the Mini SD’s gearbox where the standard six-speed manual contains gear ratios that are carefully tuned to the diesel engine’s torque characteristics. The result is silky smooth acceleration and shifting throw. Optionally a six-speed automatic can be ordered for those that wish to have a computer do your shifting for you.

The exterior of the Mini SD is designed to show off its heritage and sporting credentials. It is available in a wide variety of sporting colors and contrasting trim. The SD also have an extra-large air intake in the front apron and an prominent air scoop on the bonnet. The identity of the SD is announced on its side indicator surrounds and is further accentuated by its twin tailpipes that appear below the rear apron.

Guest author’s note:
So what about availability? Best to call us, your local Mini dealer. Some of the information we obtained for this article was obtained from Priority1, a leading DC car dealer. You may also want to visit the Official Mini site in addition.