Common car modifications worth researching

Common car modifications worth researching

We all have a car that we consider to be a dream. The Ford GT40, the Firebird, or maybe even a Ferrari? The fact of the matter is, most of these cars are not particularly practical – not to mention the fact that they cost over £100,000 in most cases. Instead of having to fork out this amount of cash, there are some modifications that are worth researching. They might not make a Fiesta into a Ferrari, but they certainly help to make a difference. Depending on the modification, it could change the sound, power or even the styling of a vehicle, to make it that much better.

#1 Induction Kits

Inductions kits are air filter kits that have been improved on based on the OEM specifications. They allow much more efficient airflow to the motor, which can help to increase the power. Of course, the extra airflow will mean that the cars carburettor settings will be off, so these will need to be fine-tuned in order to feel the benefits. Performance gains in terms of torque and horsepower can be in the region of five per cent, which is extremely impressive given the fact that even a high performance induction kit will generally not cost any more than £200.

#2 ECU and Chips

More and more companies are offering a ‘chip’ service. Essentially, they are reprogramming the ECU, which controls all the electronics on a car, to work at a much higher level. It is worth noting that manufacturers set these at a point where the balance of performance and durability is at its best. Increasing the performance of a vehicle by “chipping it” could affect the reliability of the motor, as it will be put under a lot more strain. That being said, the performance gains that could be expected, depending on the vehicle, could be between five-10 per cent based on standard specification.

#3 Alloy Wheels

Most young drivers nowadays are trying to style their cars in any way possible, trying to add their personal touch. One of the ways to do this is by adding alloy wheels. They do add to the character of the car, but sometimes they can also increase the overall handling as well. As these alloy wheels use low profile tyres, the movement of the tyre is restricted, which allows the car to stick to the road much better. Combined with the likes of stiffer springs, this can make the average hatchback feel like a touring car, meaning that around £400 is an extremely small price to pay!

#4 Sound Systems

The likes of Pioneer, Sony and even Phillips, all develop extremely powerful sound systems for cars. They are huge improvements in comparison to the standard units. A combination of a quality head unit, speakers, an amp and a sub, will transform the quality of sound that a car has in terms of music. Packages start from around £200, although they can go into the thousands in many cases. Shop around for the best deals, as the discontinued models tend to be on offer at 30 per cent discount or more.

There are plenty of car modifications worth exploring, such as induction kits, ECU chips, alloy wheels and sound systems. It is worth taking into account that some modifications may affect the price of car insurance, so speak to a provider before making any upgrades on a vehicle. Some insurance companies just need to be notified, whereas others will charge extra.