Say Hello to the Cars of Tomorrow

Say Hello to the Cars of Tomorrow

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Have you come across a car where you don’t need a driving licence? How about a vehicle that has cameras as wing mirrors? Sounds a bit farfetched or something out of a sci-fi movie? Not at all, as these innovative creations are featured at the 2013 Shanghai International Auto Show. If you have spare cash hanging around, maybe one of these models will tickle your fancy.Ferrari-LaFerrari-rear-anything-motor

Italian carmakers Ferrari are the masters of producing vehicles which ooze sex appeal. The F150 V12 hybrid – or LaFerrari –  is no exception: not only does this dream car stand out from the crowd and achieve a maximum speed of 370 kph; it’s also very kind to the environment. Too good to be true? Well it’s definitely a fact!  The F150 V12 features an electric motor which can be used at low speeds to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions – by a whopping 40 per cent! So what’s the price of this little beauty? Just over a £1 million. Well that’s why it is a dream car, although those with the cash might be disappointed to discover they’ve all been sold.

Well maybe this humble vehicle will be right up your street. Renault has unleashed their quirky electric-powered Twizy in January. With a top speed of 50mph, it operates (and even) looks like a perfectly normal car, but this model is classed as a quadricycle. Here’s the best part: you don’t need a driving licence! With the estimated price of £6,200, it’s definitely more practical than the old flashy Ferrari!

Making its world debut at the 2012 Paris Show, The Lexus Future Concept Coupe has the best of both worlds: this smooth operator features a 2.5 litre direct-injected four cylinder engine as well as an electric motor. This innovative system is tied to a generator, which determines where the power comes from -meaning it’s not as harsh on the environment. With this sporty masterpiece, you may save a bob or two on petrol! Well maybe not, as the estimated price of this model is £150,000.Volkswagen XL1 - Anything Motor

German car manufacturer Volkswagen are renowned for their much-loved built-to-last vehicles. Their latest model, the diesel hybrid XL1, has all the qualities of the classic Volkswagen car. However there’s something a little different about this particular model and that’s thanks to its one-of-the-kind feature – the digital wing mirrors. No doubt this trend will catch on with other major car makers in years to come. To add to the excitement, this two-seater can achieve up to 314 miles per gallon and when fully charged, the swing- up-door model can travel up to 22 miles on electric power. The price of the diesel hybrid XL1 has not been confirmed, but I suspect it will leave a pretty big dent in the bank balance.

All the above impressive and futuristic features did not take away the strong presence of BMW at the Shanghai Auto Show. This is thanks to the debut of the show-stopping Concept X4. Featuring the xDrive four-wheel drive system, the virtually ready production model will sit in between its cousins, X3 and X5, when it goes on sale in early 2014. The price of the Concept X4 is expected to be around the region of £30,000.