Car Tips You Should Know

Car Tips You Should Know

Here are a bunch of automotive related tips that you might find useful – and a little different.

Drive the mice out

Who knows why but mice and rodents find automobiles great places to live.  Sometimes this is relatively harmless but they can also chew on things.  Thompson Chrysler of Edgewood MD says an old trick is to place fabric softener sheets in the car.  The scent of fabric softeners will drive all the rodents away.

Use steel wool to clean your windshield

Sure you know the windshield-cleaning razorblade technique but there’s another one that might be better because it removes all the adhesive too. Use 0000 (four zeros) Extra Fine steel wool to clean glass. It will not damage the glass, as matter of fact, it’s recommended by the steel wool manufacturers themselves.

Opening split key rings

You know those darn split key rings that you have to jam a fingernail into in order to remove the keys.  Here’s a nifty hack; use a staple remover.  Use the blades to open the split rings, and once they are open, you can slide a key on or off the ring.

Keep Take-out Food Hot

Delivering a pizza to someone and want to keep it hot? Why not put it on a heated seat and throw a towel or coat over it. Sure, it won’t be as warm as it was coming out of the oven but it will be warmer than sitting in the trunk!

Use a Plastic Container as a Trash Can

Tired of your car floor getting covered in food wrappers, junk mail, empty water bottles  and solied napkins?  Here’s an easy one.  Hang a plastic trash bag on a seat back and have everyone put their trash in there.  Simple!

Need extra storage? Hook a mesh bungee to your roof handles

No one uses those coat hooks in cars much any more so they are up for grabs.  How about stretching a bungee net across them and make the headliner space in your car a storage receptacle?  Its actually a neat solution to a storage problem and you can put a lot of stuff up there.

Boost the range of your remote by using your chin

Ready for this one?  You can often increase the range of a wireless-key FOB by placing it under your chin. Sure, it seems silly but try it.  Some have reported that they picked up another 20 feet of range by using this trick.