car myths

Car Myths To Ignore

Ever since cars have existed, there have been myths concerning them.  Some of them are just wrong but they’re around anyway. Here are several automotive myths that refuse to die.  You have undoubtedly heard many of these:

Your car will explode if using your cell phone while pumping gas

This is not true! There have been rumours circulating, saying that wireless signals can ignite fuel vapours. However, according to the Federal Communication Commission, scientific testing was unable to prove a dangerous link between wireless phones and fuel vapours.

Big cars are safe, but small cars aren’t

Many people think that their huge SUV (with average handling and a rollover-prone high centre of gravity) is safer than a small economy car. These SUV drivers forget that the safety of modern-day cars are hardly a function of just mass but involve tons of safety technology like high-strength steel, energy-absorbing crumple zones and many airbags. The myth continues marching on, though, and probably accounts for many SUV purchases every year.  No wonder as a country that we consume so much petroleum; it’s all the “safer” SUVs on the roads.

Model T Fords were only available in black

This is a persistent myth that’s been dispelled by Ford Motor Company itself many times. We suspect that the myth that the Model T “only came in black” comes from the reality that almost twelve million of the fifteen million total Model Ts manufactured were black. However, the truth that the Model T was produced in many different colours, which, according to this Wilmington, DE Ford dealer, included red, blue, green and grey.

You need an oil change every 3,000 miles

The 3000 rule dates back to when engine oils were less refined than in the present day, and got dirty quicker than they do now. Now, engines are better, oils are better and not many manufacturers recommend an oil change every 3000 miles. Just do not ask the guys down at Jiffy Lube for their opinion. They are going to tell you that this is silly and to stick with the 3000 mile rule. And to go to their place of business.

Overdrive makes you go faster

The Hollywood cliché of “kicking into overdrive” is probably where this comes from. Quite funny. “Overdrive” typically means that we are really going to haul now. However, this is a true myth because overdrive just puts a car into a higher gear. Basically, it is just for cruising and saving gas; as the engine RPMs settle down the vehicle’s fuel economy usually increases.

Insurance for red cars is particularly expensive

Why are red cars more expensive to insure?  As the myth goes, “Because red cars have more accidents!” Well, have you ever purchased insurance for a car? Was there any point when they asked what colour the vehicle was when you got a quote? Insurance agents get asked about it all the time. From an insurance point of view, car colour makes no difference but the red car myth seems to go on year after year.