Cadillac still powering along with the Escalade

Remember when Cadillacs meant something; luxury, top of the line, the best? Well, guess what…they still mean the same thing, only somehow they keep getting better and better and better. This year’s Cadillac Escalade SUV, for example is a prime example of Cadillac’s excellence, and can be seen at Miami’s Williamson Cadillacs.

The Escalade offers a ton of power behind those gorgeous good looks on the outside. The V8, 6.2-litre engine will definitely take you anywhere you want to go and in the fast lane. This vehicle doesn’t let anything get in its way as far as performance goes. Power and authority have no bounds in this Cadillac, and with its 18-inch wheels, auto-leveling suspension, power lift gate along with a tow package, and up to eight passenger capacity; you’ll kick yourself for not getting into one of these beauties before now.

The Escalade has been around for a few years and the simple reason for this longevity is because it’s a great vehicle. It continues to please those who appreciate the good things in life and who just can’t get by without them. Cadillac has always built strong luxury cars and the Escalade reflects that tradition. It’s not a compact, not is it a mid-size car. The Escalade is a full-size SUV and will enhance your life in ways you have only dreamed about.

Climb in and take a load off – the Escalade will do most of the work for you. The seats are extra-comfy and heated to boot. The 10-speaker Bose sound system will make you feel that the concert is in your car and you’re floating in the clouds as you listen to your favorite music or radio station. Everything in the Escalade is powered – once again it does all the work for you. Adjustable power pedals, lumbar adjustments in your seats, captain’s chairs in the second row, leather upholstery and driver memory functions and a rear-view camera for convenience and safety. There’s also Bluetooth and a great, easy to use navigation system and a large touchscreen interface that lets you control everything from the comfort of your own seat.  Don’t forget the satellite radio and CD player. The Escalade also offers 22-inch wheels, automatic high beams, a sunroof and power flip and fold second row seats and a heated steering wheel.