BMW looking for gold with Team USA bobsled

BMW looking for gold with Team USA bobsled

BMW has always been known for its great traction AWD vehicle models and have put themselves through rigorous testing to ensure that their designed models will not bend to the slippery surface which is ice. When the California Design team elected to help design the two-man bobsled for the U.S. Men’s bobsled team, that traction thought process was quickly turned around.

The sled hit the slope for the first time recently in Austria, but didn’t finish close enough for a podium placement. Even with this average performance the USA bobsled team had nothing but great things to say about how the bobsled handled the track. Even one of their best racers took the bobsled for its first test run in which they say it handled perfectly, no concerns whatsoever.

With the Winter Olympics in Russian quickly approaching the USA team wanted to get their BMW sled onto the ice as quick as possible, and as often as possible. So they brought it to Austria to compete in the World Cup. Even though it may have not placed, they now can make the changes needed to the sled so they can be better prepared for the Russian games. One of the racers that they gave the new design to was Steven Holcomb, a gold medalist in the recent Vancouver games. The goal is to take this BMW design, make the needed tweaks, and put them in a great position to place gold in the Olympics for the first time since 1936.

The designers at BMW who created the sled are using a strong, lightweight material like carbon fiber which is used in many of the electric vehicle models. The significantly lighter body structure, coupled with the low-center of gravity should give the sled an edge with its ability to maintain unresistant control and speed as it winds down the icy turns. The next test for the design will be made in Switzerland in the coming weeks. It will be interesting to see how it performs, and how the Bavarian automaker can adapt what they know about cars to make a sled that can compete.

If you aren’t into driving to work in a bobsled then maybe you can consider looking into what is the bread and butter of BMW, their vehicle models. You can catch more on all the newest models by reading up on your local dealer site like